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The Group has found a new home! This time, we hope, for permanent! The Scheltma Bookstore ticks all of out boxes with power, wifi, comfy and not so comfy chairs, and a cafe. We will meet from 6-9 pm, usually people bring their own work, but on occasion, we will spend the first hour doing prompted writing: we'll get a random prompt generator to generate a prompt, then we will write for 30 minutes the read the results out loud. This will start at 6:30 and end at 7:30, which will give people a chance to get to the meeting on time. Please note we will only so this if people want to. It's a good idea to ask to join the what's app group as that is the fastest way to get information both about where we are in the bookstore and whether we will be doing a prompt. We also sometimes do writing sprints where we set a timer and compete to see who can get the most words. Also if people want to. The last 90 minutes of the evening will be devoted to our own writing. All are welcome to stay for all or part of the evening.

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We welcome people from all walks of life. Whether you are considering beginning a project, or have published, all are welcome. We meet every Thursday at Scheltema Bookshop on Rokin, usually on the top floor but if there is an event look for us at one of the two tables on the third floor, usually staring at our computer screens. We are comrades in arms, brought together by the inspiration that is the sound of someone typing feverishly near you. To add a little spice, each meeting a previously appointed person will bring a prompt and at 7 pm we will write on the prompt for a set time and see what we all come up with. We are an international group and so write primarily in English. Please join us!