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This workout is for ______REAL MAN ___or___ BAD-ASS WOMAN
Taking it back to a hardcore level. You better be ready.... 3...2....1... GO!

The Maximus workout is a HIIT* in a superset** based form.
This workout is heavy... really heavy. You push yourself to the max every time.
The class is about 35 minutes, the 5 supersets take 25 minutes. Everybody moves in their own pace. This is real, as real as it gets.
More and more research shows that interval is good way to go. Go for high intensity interval training when
# You want to loose fat
# You don't have a lot of time
# You don't like to workout for a long time
# You like the to feel exhausted after a training

This training is not for everybody. To avoid injuries you should at least be intermediate level. You should be able to move correctly and have some basics knowledge of fitness movements like a squat, plank, push-up. If you are looking for something less advanced check out my Bootcamp. Still heavy but in this class I can give you an alternative for any exercise and we have more time to learn correct form. http://www.meetup.com/Amsterdamse-Bos-Bootcamp/

*HIIT: High intensity interval training.
**Superset: Doing multiple exercises without rest