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Introduction to Improvisational Theater Let's do theater without a script, without a plot and without tons of props. Sounds tempting or terrifying? Check out this video to get an impression :D : https://youtu.be/QGYnLz2Bf1U In this class we will learn how to come up with stories on stage, how to listen to ourselves and our partners, how to fail, how to act and how to commit to the moment. Most importantly though, we will have fun. From creativity exercises to vocal training to story telling; this class will give you an insight into all ingredients to improv theater. No prerequisites. Come as you are. For even more info: check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ChiliConComedy/

The Hub Eindhoven

Vestdijk 25 · Eindhoven

Wat we doen

Meetup with other English-speaking expats living in the area. Come along, make new friends and enjoy a few laughs. There is a meet up nearly every night of the week, in Eindhoven, either for a drink, to play board games, to enjoy comedy night, to play some music with music with stranger and learn languages, but always for a laugh. Everyone is welcome. Come along and get involved! Come and join us - you will be made to feel very welcome!

The Hub Eindhoven is well established as the international living room of Eindhoven, where everyone is welcome. We believe that anyone should be able to feel at home and build a (social) network in the city of Eindhoven. So that’s what we are here for: to make you feel at home, to have fun, to help out and to let you build your social network. In order to do this, we organize many events ranging from language classes to music- and game nights, to meet up mornings for spouses.

Every year, over 20,000 visitors come to The Hub to participate in the various activities (https://thehubeindhoven.nl/event-directory/), all organized by a group of more than 100 volunteers. The Hub is also available as an event space for private and public parties.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (https://thehubeindhoven.nl/contact/)!