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Erotikal Essence :: The Power of the Sexual Self ::
Erotikal Essence :: The Power of the Sexual Self :: Enlightened MEN :: AMSTERDAM :: A) Expanded Eros (October 20th) B) Control & Sensualization (November 10th) C) Sexualization & Transmutation (January 19th) D) Sexual Empowerment (January 20th) This programme is designed in order that you learn over your sexuality from a practical point of view, besides that, you will have a direct experience during these, you will have a life living knowledge that you can use in a daily basis and make your growth as a man and human being. There are 4 practicums that will make you explore from zero how do you linger to your sexual self and how you can develop as a conscious erotic capital, validated and shared with your partner and inclusive in your work. Each practicum is independent of one to other but it will be nice that you get the whole intensive training. A) At "Expanded Eros" we will experience which is the erotic capability of body and mind. B) To understand what is the potential on your Sensorial Self and how is the link to your sexual being and to your emotions. C) What to do you when your sexual energy is expanded, how I administered and how I transformed. D) The conscious use your sexual power as a mature man and how can I empower myself with this new capability. BRING: - Comfortable Clothes - Two towels - Sarong - Come freshly shower Okido Center Van Ostadestraat 387 [masked] / 35 eur. [masked] hrs Sharing Knowledge: Anand Rudra / truetantra.eu

Okido YOga

van ostadestraat 387 · Amsterdam

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True tantra is an effort to practice, teach and share a sinergetic approach to the Tantra according to the Ancient Kahula School Tradition. In our times, it has forgotten that Tantra in it self is a science which has a metodhology not only to be experimenting but also to grow, heal, learn and develop ourselves. The objective of the group is that we can learn about the tools of this practice in a safe environment. Kahula School involves for the first time in Tantra different tools that they were practicing arround it and they can not be separated one from another one. The approach was holistic and shamanic in order to become one with yourself, with your couple, with the comunity and mainly with the universe. Within these tools: *Pranayamas *Ancient Yoga *Rituals. *Meditation *Sacred Sexuality ( It is called sacred since the energy that is generated in any sexual act is the same energy that can generate more energy (sinergy) and on top of it is able to generate a new human being when you unite on a sacred union with your partner. The other main practice is the sacred consious touch, this is done through out a session of massage and is performed by a Dakha ( Male Tantra Practioner ) ; Dakini (Female Tantra Practioner); or a Tantrika (Tantra Practioner devoted his or her life to share, practice and teach TAntra ). These techniques were so developed that were taken to a healling and shamanic level. True Tantra welcomes any person and any gender. But we will have certain meetings in which will be dedicated just to the men.