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Meet the entrepreneurs of the future at The UpStart: Pitch & Networking event!


We believe in the unique, spirited nature of entrepreneurs, which is characterized by determination. We are convinced that they are our ambitious rebels who will add value to the vibrant and better world of tomorrow. We see them as an example for the present generation and as a source of inspiration for everyone. For that exact reason, entrepreneurs deserve a stage, but also insights into new chances and opportunities.


To create a place and stage for (young) entrepreneurs where they can meet in a fun and informal atmosphere, but still a place to take steps with their startups, products or initiatives. Our goal is to unite and ensure that the initiatives of startups get a boost in the form of knowledge, skills, resources, manpower, materials or investments and that they reach a wider audience than just those of the event and the region itself.

How to contribute?

To help startups improve their pitch, we're going to make sure we connect them with the audience. So, we’re looking for an enthusiastic audience, coaches and future investors to provide the pitchers with valuable feedback on their ideas to expand their (and your own) network. You will be challenged to really interact with the startups.


4 Entrepreneurs will pitch their idea, concept, business live on stage for a jury consisting of experienced entrepreneurs and coaches. After this presentation there will be a short 5-10 min moderated Q&A.

Let your senses be stimulated by the product launch!

Next to the pitch program, there will be a product presentation of a startup that is ready to take the next step. This product will be tested by the audience, followed by feedback. Different senses of the audience are challenged, as they will be able to taste, hold or simply use the product.

Did you know that!?

UpStart is the Pitch & Networking event by TYGERS. TYGERS believes in the young entrepreneurs, the innovators and the rebels who challenge the status quo. Because you enrich our community with new norms and values, contributing to one better tomorrow. TYGERS is on a mission to impress, motivate and connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Learn more at http://www.tygers.nl & http://www.tygersmagazine.nl