Wat we doen

Every woman carries male and female energy within her. For every man as equal.

Coming from a time where women were used to make effort out of there male energy, we are more and more getting closer to see and feel the value of living the female energy or if you like, to live the Goddess’ principle. If a woman finds her female energy, if she can predominate it more, she will come to a more balanced life.

Her happiness out of that will resonate over the whole planet earth and beyond. A powerful and profound way to find your womanhood is to connect with every possible woman in a honest and loving way. If women can feel the love to stand out and connect again, a proces will start in our physical, mental, spiritual and emotion bodies. Energy will flow through it from which we will feel joy and happiness! This could be a good time… To let go of fear and surrender yourself to All That Is.

This will bring you beyond a lot of illusions and invites you to experience freedom and relief. From there you create more space to grow on your own path of life.

This world, this beautiful planet, Lady Gaia, mother earth. She is waiting for all of us, men and especially women. Because the more a woman will find the Goddess she is in this time of history, the more she is ready to carry the world together with and for all of us.

The way I feel it, it is our agreement to do so. So what you heal today, is healing for the evolutionary proces of the place we live on, mother earth. Together with my dear sister Rashma Lalita Brands we will take you on a journey of your womanhood in which we give attention to our hart, body and voice. In all parts we will invite you to expand your comfort zone.

Come see, feel and celebrate your life with us in the next Woman I Am With You on December 18th 2015, Utrecht.

Register via info@precensehealing.nl

27 euro * Includes fresh organic treats, fruit and tea * U-pass of student 17 euro

If you have any doubts about attending, feel very welcome to contact us: info@natashanuman.nl or 06-25140010 For more events look for Facebook events “women's healing Woman I Am With You” or visit www.gespreksheling/www.presencehealing.nl

You might want to watch these video's for inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOkvaE0wcdQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCF03LfQKNY

With Love, Natasha Rachel Numan