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WP Omaha is a volunteer-led organization focused on growing and educating the WordPress community in Omaha, Nebraska and its surrounding communities. Our members include a broad range of WordPress users: new and experienced developers, site owners, site administrators, designers, and more.

The diversity of our members inspired us to hold multiple WordPress Meetups each month, making it easy for anyone interested in advancing their WordPress skills to find a relevant topic and session. No matter your level of experience and expertise, there’s a WP Omaha Meetup for you:

WP Admin - This Meetup is for general WordPress users with little to no technical web knowledge. If you are a blogger, small business owner, or beginner web designer, this is the Meetup for you. WP Admin Meetups are generally held the fourth Thursday of every month from 6-8pm at Do Space. When the fourth Thursday falls on or near a holiday, as it does in November and December, we will meet on the third Thursday.

WP Dev - This Meetup is for developers. We get into programming/coding themes, plugins, and any other custom WordPress functionality. At these Meetups we learn to push the boundaries of WordPress. WP Dev Meetups are generally held the second Thursday of every month from 6-8pm at Do Space.

WP Open Help Desk - This Meetup is for people that either need help or would like to help others with current WordPress projects or small problems/issues. There is strength in numbers. Bring your laptop & get connected with the community. WP Open Help Desk Meetups will be announced as they are scheduled.

Please be sure to RSVP via Meetup.com. If you decide last minute that you can not attend the Meetup even though you confirmed an RSVP, please adjust your RSVP as sometimes we base food purchases on the number of people attending.

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Community Roundtable + WordCamp Omaha Feedback

This meetup is going to be a bit different than others we've hosted in the past. Instead of one person presenting, we're going to open the floor up to anyone and everyone. If you've got a project you want help on, ask the group and we can offer up advice, suggestions, or fixes. Maybe you're looking for help developing a plugin or maybe you're building a site for the first time. Whatever the case, come with a list of questions and poll the entire group. We'd love to do a follow-up at the next month's meetup so if you follow any of the advice given in the group, then share at next months meetup how it worked out (or didn't)! Along with this being an open-forum, we'll probably chat about how WordCamp Omaha 2019 went, and maybe even have some left over swag to give away. Come join the discussion and get involved in one of Omaha's largest tech + web development meetups!

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WordCamp Omaha 2019 - Day 2

Mammel Hall