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The Agile way is the way to be successful in an increasingly complex world. That is the vision of Agile Consortium. Including its predecessor the Agile Consortium is active since the mid-90s, having created a steady basis in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The Agile Consortium wants to offer a knowledge platform on which organizations and professionals within those organizations can share knowledge in the field of agile. A platform to share, learn and innovate knowledge. The purpose of this platform is for organizations to be able to reap the benefits of agile work faster.

The Agile Consortium creates a system of self (re)-organizing communities. The initiative for sharing knowledge and experience comes entirely from the members. The AC is often asked to facilitate. Recent examples of such communities are one centered around HR, one on Leadership and one on marketing & Communication.

In addition, the Agile consortium signals the emergence of a large number of agile networks that innovate and share knowledge. The Agile Consortium wants to be the unifying factor between these organizations to maximize sharing, learning and innovation within the agile domain.

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