10th Medical Data plus Pizza meeting - Pitch Edition

Amsterdam UMC - Location VUmc - Lecture Hall Rijn

De Boelelaan 1117 · Amsterdam

Hoe vind je ons

VUmc - Hospital Entrance (NOT outpatient clinic entrance) - Turn left towards the Lecture halls - Find Lecture Hall Rijn

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Wat we doen

Find a doctor or data scientist

Are you a doctor or other healthcare professional? And do you want to learn more on big data and machine learning? Or do you have a great idea for a machine learning application that could benefit from a data scientist?

Are you a data scientist and do you want to work with doctors and other healthcare professionals to work on projects that matter? Or do you want to meet them to discuss and improve your own projects?

This is you chance to listen, meet or pitch!

Amsterdam Medical Data Science unites 700 healthcare professionals and data scientists. With an important mission: to improve patient outcomes using big data and machine learning.

Join us for a special event!

What? Find a Doctor or Data Scientist. Who should attend? Everyone interested in machine learning and big data, especially doctors, other healthcare professionals and data scientists. Goal? Meet and Collaborate. Format? Ten pitches, four minutes each. When? Tuesday, May 21 at 1700 hours. Where? Amsterdam UMC, locatie VUmc, Rijnzaal. Food? Pizza after the pitches

Registration? www.amsterdammedicaldatascience.nl (use chrome)
Want to pitch? [masked] or via meetup