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Studio HvA

Eerste Boerhaavestraat 33E · Amsterdam

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We invite you to join us on the Digital Society Showcase! Get involved in the projects we’ve worked on and learn more about our plans and ambitions for the coming years.

Interact with the talented learners, play with our digital installations, network with our partners and start conversations about how we can contribute to a positive transformation of society.

16:30 - Doors open

17:00 - Welcome by Marco van Hout and Wai Feersma-Hoekstra

17:10 - Data Driven Transformation by Dr. Emma Beauxis
* Innovation Arena by team “Plakband”
* Climate Change Solutions by team “Climacated”
* GGD Data Synergy by team “Anecdata”
* Security in the Data Era by team “Hug the Police”

17:25 - Learning experience intermezzo (premiere)

17:35 - New track Systems for Sharing by Dr. Dimitrios Vlachopoulos

17:40 - Digital to Physical by Dr. Gijs Huisman
* Smart Grow Kit by team “Let it Grow”
* Connected Campus by team “Campus Squad”

17:50 - Festive opening of showcase!

20:00 - Wrap up