• Ode aan de Code #32

    Roggestraat 111

    Ode aan de code #32 with Pim Elshoff en Bobby Bouwmann in Apeldoorn.

    18:00 - Doors open with food
    19:00 - Welcome talk
    19:10 - Talk 1 - Pim Elshoff
    20:00 - Break
    20:20 - Talk 2 - Bobby Bouwmann
    21:10 - Networking and drinks
    22:30 - End

    Talk 1: The Bowling Kata Family Dinner Show... on Ice! by Pim Elshoff
    YouTube trailer

    TDD. DDD. Live coding. But most importantly, (pictures of) live dinner show ice skating!

    Join us for a wonderful evening (midday) of family friendly fun (code) and a spectacular, shivering show (doing the bowling kata, live, with TDD and close-to-no if).

    Talk 2: Laravel Application Consistency by Bobby Bouwmann
    YouTube trailer

    Laravel offers a plethora of opinions and approaches to software development. In a team setting, achieving consistency becomes paramount, ensuring smooth collaboration, code readability, and maintainability. This talk aims to delve into the intricate programming world with Laravel, focusing on the significance of consistency and sharing practical strategies.

    We don't like wasting food, so please do not unsubscribe 3 days prior to the meet-up or be a no-show.

    See you in June!