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About MIDI and OpenAPI

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About MIDI and OpenAPI


We have two fun topics for you from our own comunity members!


  • 17:45 — Doors open (5th floor of the Videolab at Strijp-S)
  • 18:15 — Food (vegan options available)
  • 19:00 — Managing APIs with OpenAPI - by Andrew Rutgers
    How do you keep your API in sync between the frontend and the backend? APIs are a natural border in system architecture, between the server and the frontend and are often programmed in different languages by different people. OpenAPI lets you define the API creating a contract between the users, and can be used to generate libraries, configurations, schema checking and type definitions to speed development and improve robustness. I’ll introduce OpenApi and using it to create endpoints in AWS API Gateway, generate Typescript and keep your frontend and backend development in sync.
  • 19:45 — Write your own Custom Made MIDI Controllers - by Gaya Kessler
    Can I, a guy without any background knowledge on micro controllers, building instruments, or making hardware whatsoever, make my very own MIDI controller to control musical instruments with?
    As it turns out my background in software development and a pragmatic approach got me my first working MIDI controller within one weekend!
    This presentation takes you through my thought process and how I fumbled together a working product (which I still use today).
  • 20:15 — More drinks and chatting

We hope to see you soon! And please share with friends and collegues. Eindhoven Developer Meetup Eindhoven Developers Meetup Eindhoven Developers Meetup
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