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Internet of People Event
How often haven’t we embraced new technology in the past, only to find out much, much later that we underestimated its impact on society? Today, the impact of digital technology becomes evident much quicker. Which requires us, as a society, to respond a lot quicker too. Luckily, today’s conditions allow us to drastically shorten our response time. Governments and businesses are catching up, and want to move towards a more responsible, resilient and safer digital society. And that is music to our ears. The blend of the digital and physical worlds (for example via Internet of Things) is changing our society fundamentally. With the rise of a truly digital society, fundamental questions and uncertainties about our future in the physical (or: real) world are raised. - What role does the Internet of Things have in tackling the world’s biggest challenges? And what role do we take as ‘Internet of People’? - Will an ‘Internet of People’ help us to better work together on those challenges and solve them more effectively? - Should we move away from a focus on things, and start focussing on people (or society) primarily? - How does the Internet affect our society and how can we put more emphasis on the integration of technology rather than the technology itself? - How will we interact with our direct environment, and how will the direct environment interact with us? - How can we use technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, quantum computing, etc., primarily for society’s benefit? In the following years we will see an entirely new Internet emerging, as the Internet unleashes itself from the creators’ intentions and develops in transformative ways. Humans are shaping the future of this new human Internet. When things get smarter, how do humans and things cooperate? The Internet of People conference will address these aspect of the Internet, the social and societal implications of the Internet of Things, and related topics and technologies. For program go to www.iopevent.com/program. Early bird rate expires October 12, 2018

Studio HVA

Wibautstraat 2 · Amsterdam

€ 115,00

Wat we doen

Big data, wearable technology, connected devices, cloud-based software: the Internet of Things industry is still rising in a high-speed tempo. Which markets are changed or influenced by the growing IoT? How to secure the cloud? And what developments can we expect in the near future?

This group is about the following topics:

• Market & developments overview

• Internet of People

• Big data applications for IoT

• Security of data

• Design of IoT products/services

• From product to services, a paradigm shift

• Legal issues and social aspects

• Social changes

• Ethical issues