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Child soldiers, sex trafficking, terrorist attacks, genocide – the newspaper headlines depicting the latest tragedies seem to never end. If you’re like me, recent news headlines have once again brought to your mind a question that all of us have asked ourselves at one time or another; If God exists why is there evil (or bad things) and suffering in the world? And if this God is good, why does he let evil things happen? Surely, if there were a God in the universe, he would have both the desire and the power to rid the world of evil! Right?? For this meetup we’ll be discussing things like: • Does evil exist or is it just an illusion? • Is evil the opposite of “good” or is it something else? • How/who gets to determine what is evil? • Where does evil come from? • Can there be good without evil? • Could there be a world without evil, but yet still preserves free will? • What was Jesus’ perspective on evil? This is not an easy topic and there are of course no simple answers, but let’s meetup together, grab a cup of coffee or tea (or maybe even a meal) and talk about one of the most difficult questions that has frustrated mankind throughout the ages.

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Suggestions Welcome! · Amsterdam

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Have you ever wondered if there could be something more to the life we live each day?

Have you ever had an interest in faith or God, but felt unwelcome or unable to connect to the “institutional church” or “organized religion?”

Have you ever had a nagging question you’ve never been able to find answers to like:
“Why are there so many different religions?”
“Can science and God co-exist?”
“If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?”

Have you ever wondered who Jesus really was and what he was trying to do?

If your gut-reaction to any of these questions was 'Yes,' then we would love to invite you to be a part of our community!

Even if you don’t believe God exists or aren’t sure if the Bible is even true, as our tagline suggests, we welcome doubts (and preconceptions, biases, and questions!) While we don't promise to have all of the answers, we do hope to create a safe place for people to be heard and grow, to be free of judgment, and to ask any questions that might have gone unanswered in the past. The Bible will be our main source text, and the life of Jesus will be a major theme throughout our time together. But, we also want you, as group members, to guide the discussion topics based on your questions and concerns.

We don’t like to be preached at and we promise not to do it to you. Over drinks or a meal we’ll use the Socratic method of reading a short story together, asking questions and finding answers.

While we strongly desire to build community with one another, there is no pressure to make a long-term commitment to this group. We'd love for you to fill out the optional questions on your profile so we can get to know you better, but if you don't feel like answering them, that's cool too.

We invite you to visit one of our community meetups – to check it out – and decide for yourself if you'd like to come back. We certainly hope you do.