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Wat we doen

Join us in the conversations on Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, coaching self-organizing teams, motivational or self-improving topics in the center of West-Flanders.


We use the "Lean Coffee" conversation format to hold structured conversations in a casual setting. This means that topics are suggested by the participants, voted on and then discussed. Allowing creative and varying topics in a café atmosphere where you can help steer the direction of the conversation to what interests you the most.


Does this sound like something you'd like to try out? Do you want to learn from the experiences from others? Or are you enthusiastic to share your epic success stories and accomplishments or even share the learnings you gained from failures? Then join us in Izegem, grab a drink and relax while we talk Agile and more..


Everyone is welcome. Whether this is the first time you heard the term Agile or you've been an guru in the field for decades.. you. are. welcome!

If not everyone present speaks Dutch* we'll switch to English. If not everyone speaks English.. well.. self-organize! :)


*for simplicity reasons including West-Flemish as Dutch :D


Shoutout to our friends at Lean Coffee @ Leuven & Lean Coffee @ Gent who inspired us with their meetups to create this group.