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Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven is curious. To fellow architects, to the decisive people around them, to the construction world, to rusted patterns and breaking them open, to small or large projects, to craftsmanship and to the innovation of what is proven good … From that curiosity we work like together with people who make an additional contribution to our work. These collaborations are fundamental to the development of our office.

A number of times a year we invite our collaborators – mostly designers, but also other professionals – to speak to us at the office about their fascinations and inspirations under the heading “HCVA invites”.

The aim of the lecture series is to share in pleasant meetings and to nourish the conversation about architecture. Everyone is welcome and you are our guest. There is only a maximum number of visitors. So who comes first who first serves!

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Julian Harrap

Scheepmakershaven 27

Julian Harrap is an English architect that started Julian Harrap Architects in the early 1970’s. JHA is a distinguished medium-sized practice offering a full range of specialist architectural services for the repair and restoration of historic buildings, estates and landscapes and for the design of extensions and new buildings in historic settings. Known for its restoration of the Neues Museum in Berlin in collaboration with David Chipperfield, the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London and our collaboration for Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden. The Practice has a team of experienced architects who promote the philosophy of the Practice and share an extensive body of knowledge. JHA is well known for the consistency of their approach and the meticulous attention to detail. Historic buildings work is not simply seen an archaeological exercise but rather the re-presentation of architecture from earlier generations, encompassing the beautiful accretions of time in a way that is valid to its present day uses. In which their approach both respects the work of others and their own contribution of elements or buildings of a contemporary character. Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven collaborates with Julian Harrap on the restoration and extension of Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden and Opera Gent.

Miroslav Sik

Scheepmakershaven 27

Miroslav Sik is a Swiss architect and professor in Architecture on the ETH Zurich. Sik is well known as a pioneer in the field of cooperative living, ‘Genossenschaften’. He designed for example some interesting buildings in the ‘Mehr als Wohnen’ project in Zurich. He studied architecture under the supervision of Mario Campi, Aldo Rossi and Dolf Schnebli in the 70’s. He concluded his practical studies with Helmut Jahn in Chicago. Having obtained his diploma Sik worked as a researcher at the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the ETH Zurich from[masked], focussing on modern Swiss architecture after World War II. Since 1987 Sik heads an architecture firm in Zurich and has built two catholic centres, one in Egg in canton Zurich and the other in Morges in canton Vaud, as well as living accommodation for a musicians in Zurich called Musikerwohnhaus Bienenstrasse. Miroslav Sik is considered the initiator of "Analogen Architektur", the manifest and projects of which were exhibited[masked] in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stockholm und Vienna. Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven met Miroslav Sik while doing research for Het Rotterdams Woongenootschap. They shared valuable thoughts on cooperative housing.