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Reiki I course
On Sunday October 28 there will be another Reiki I course! It will run from 9:00-17:00. On this course you will learn all about where, why and how to use Reiki on others and yourself, you will get an introduction into chakras and you'll receive the attunements, after which you'll be able to use Reiki anywhere and anytime. You will leave the course completely of yourself as a Reiki healer! And best part: it isn't something you can only apply to others, you can use it on yourself too! You essentially learn how to be your own healer. The class has a maximum of 6 students. Because it is such a small class, there is lots of space for personal coaching and attention for you as a Reiki healer. As a teacher (and healer) my goal is to help you become a healthier and more vibrant person. In my practice I help you increase your joy in life (I won't be fully satisfied until you dance through life with giddiness and excitement), and overall health and wellbeing. The fee for the course is €150. Included in this: - two attunements - personal guidance in the start of your journey as a Reiki healer - snacks and refreshments - 21 days of follow up in your mailbox - Reiki I certificate - Study material before and during the course - free participation in all future Reiki shares hosted by me Why would you benefit from learning Reiki? - it is a powerful tool to help you be(come) stronger - it speeds up any healing process - it helps relieve stress - it brings more joy and diminishes the feeling of being allergic to daily life - it helps you get in touch with yourself and is very effective in increasing self knowledge and awareness - it helps promote overall health and well-being - brings balance to your life - I could go on! Does this sound like something you need in your life? Then I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your way in your journey towards health and happiness. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email me on [masked]

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Reiki is a form of gentle but powerful energy healing which works well for a wide variety of conditions, both physical and psychological/emotional. It's quick and easy to learn, and you can use it on yourself, on others, even on your pets and plants! Since it requires no special talent, anyone can do it :-) We aim to grow into a genuine community, supportive of each other in our interest and practice of Reiki. We welcome anyone interested in joining that community, whether or not you’ve learnt Reiki before.

We'll be running regular Reiki Shares, courses and more. Come and join in!

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