Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

This is a group for anyone interested in jamming and making music together. Your style is appreciated: rock n roll, blues, classic rock, jazz, fusion, funk, pop, progressive, metal, reggae, country, world music. All skill levels are welcome to join the band and jam: the music starts when the song is clear to everybody! The idea is to have fun. The jam style (if any) will be described in each jam invitation. Practical information:
- We will rent a studio with oefenenruimte.nu (at Honig Complex in Nijmegen). It costs about EUR 40 for 4 hours.
- The costs are shared between the players. Expect to pay around EUR 10EUR for 4 hours of fun. Details in each invitation.
- We need at least 3 players: drums, bass, guitar. Otherwise we must cancel.
- Drums, amplifiers and microphones are available at the studio
- You need to bring your instrument: bass, guitar, keyboard, etc.

Looking forward to playing with you.