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This is the official page of the NLJUG - The Dutch Java User Group

The NLJUG is the Dutch Java User Group, which started in 2003. The NLJUG brings software developers, architects, ICT managers, students, new media developers and their business partners together with their interest in all aspects in Java Technology. 

The goal of the foundation:

• In general, to look after the interests of the users of software based on Java. 

• To spread the knowledge about Java software and infrastructure to all the members. 

• To spread the knowledge about how Java works. 

• To stimulate the use of Java in professional surroundings, such as companies, organisations, the government and educational fields. 

• To improve the contact between professional users and the companies who work with systems based on Java technology, on national and international levels. 

We want to achieve this goal by:

• Regularly organizing independent technology conferences for the members of the NLJUG, where the suppliers and the affiliated groups have a chance to present themselves. 

• Stimulating, initiating and organizing meet-ups. 

• Giving members information through media like Java Magazine and 

• Keeping in contact with national and international organisations with the same goals. 

• Building and keeping contact with suppliers of Java software, knowledge or/and experiences, which are considered to be of importance of our members. 

NLJUG is member of the Java Community Process (JCP)