Machine Learning (Google), Iterables/Observables (A. Staltz) & Frontend Pub Quiz

Schiphol Developers Group
Schiphol Developers Group
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Wat we doen

For our 8th edition, you will learn about Machine Learning by Lee Boonstra,(Google) In this session, she will share an overview of machine learning APIs and dives into live demos followed by Andre Staltz who will dive into Iterables & Observables. Then you can choose to compete in the Frontmania Frontend Pub Quiz for honor and great prizes :-) or follow the Machine Learning Codelab.
This edition will take place at our neighbour Netapp where we will start off with hamburgers, 'broodjes rookworst' and the famous Dutch Pea soup.

18:30 enjoy a bite
19:00 intro
19:05 "Iterables and Observables: when to use them and why" by Andre Staltz
19:35 “Machine Learning for Javascript Developers” by Lee Boonstra (Google)
20:05 Break
20:10 Track 1: Frontmania Frontend Pub Quiz
20:10 Track 2: Machine Learning Codelab by Google
21:30 End

Track 1: Frontmania Frontend Pub Quiz
Do you think you have what it takes to win the first Frontmania frontend pub quiz? Battle with other experts for the first prize, while enjoying drinks & bites. <
Join us with your team (3-5members) our as an individual (we will put you together in teams)

Track 2 – Machine Learning Codelab by Lee Boonstra
In this lab, we will upload images to Cloud Storage and use them to train a custom model to recognize different types of clouds (cumulus, cumulonimbus, etc.).


Andre Staltz
I'm enthusiastic about reactive programming, functional programming, frontend, mobile, and the decentralized web. I have authored the Cycle.js framework, and have been a core contributor to RxJS. Currently, I am helping build an open source peer-to-peer social network with Scuttlebutt, while supporting my existing open source libraries like Cycle.js and others.

Lee Boonstra
Lee Boonstra is a customer engineer at Google, at the Google Cloud team in
Amsterdam where she assists the sales team with technical knowledge for the financial industry. Lee loves to develop (web/mobile) applications and to speak & write about it. Her expertise is in developing Chatbots, ML APIs in Google Cloud & Dialogflow and has a background as an engineer and technical trainer. Furthermore, she speaks regularly at seminars
and conferences and write blog posts and articles for various magazines and websites. Also, she wrote a book for O'Reilly: Hands-on Sencha Touch 2.

FrontMania is a group of people who are crazy about frontend development a.k.a. frontend maniacs.
We as a group believe that frontend development should be fun for everyone!

Boeing Avenue 300,
1119 PZ Schiphol-Rijk

How to get there?
• By public transport: Get off at Schiphol railway station, then take Connexxion bus 181. This leaves every 15 minutes from the bus station Schiphol Centre in the direction of Schiphol-Rijk. The bus stops at Boeing Avenue.
• By car: You can park in front of the building or around the corner. There should be enough spots available at 18:30.

This meetup wouldn't be possible without our sponsors KLM, NetApp, Codezilla, Opus and Frontmania for which many thanks.

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