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This is group for anyone who is interested in Cloud Native Development. Terra10 will organise hands-on codefest sessions with a focus on all aspects from frontend, backend & platform. When you are interested in any of the technologies like Serverless, Kubernetes, Graal, Quarkus, Spring-Boot, Ansible scripting,Angular or React you will feel right at home in this group.

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Codefest Micronaut 2.1: A cloud-native jvm framework

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This is a Terra10 hands-on meetup on the Micronaut framework: https://micronaut.io/. Micronaut is one of the newer Java frameworks, and it is is especially targeted to build services/applications with a very small memory footprint and fast startup time (combined with GraalVM). After a short introduction, your host Thomas Janssen will help you build your first Micronaut service and deploy that on Openshift. Because of the Covid-19 situation this will be an online event. The agenda for the evening will be as follows: 18:00 Introduction 18:30 Hands-on with some Micronaut and Openshift labs 20:30 End of the meetup A few days before the meetup we will send you some instructions on how to set up your developer environment.

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Codefest Google Firebase