Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

The Flevoland community, supported by the Omnia Connexa Foundation and various enthousiastic IT/Telecom companies and volunteers, is on a mission to roll out the first, province-wide and open LoRa network in the province of Flevoland. Starting in Almere, emphasising the famous tagline of the city "It's possible in Almere" (Het kán in Almere) and Emmeloord, but with the ambition to create a network that covers the entire province. Together we will build a public and open infrastructure that allows for unprecedented innovation. Join us in the 'internet of things' revolution!

The Omnia Connexa Foundation, local residents and companies are teaming up to provide Flevoland with province-wide coverage. We already provide test-coverage in Almere, Emmeloord and Dronten. Next, we will aim for adding other important zones in Flevoland too (Lelystad, Zeewolde, etcetera) with the ultimate goal to cover the polder of Flevoland from dyke to dyke... Imagine a free and open data network open to residents in the city, but also to community initiatives, local NGO's, farmers, construction workers, etcetera! (Almere Skyline by nldazuu.com under Creative Commons)