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Have you ever thought about the role communities like ours play in achieving success? Do you value networking? Have you ever started a business with somebody you came across on the meetup? Do you imagine hundreds of startups leaving in the same place, sharing knowledge, helping each other in finding the best talent or getting next round of funding? What if Silicon Valley being perceived as the best place to start a startup is mainly driven by the strength of communities there?

Come and join the discussion!

Guest: Ed Cortis ( CTO @ RocketSpace

Ed was once the CIO of Lonely Planet, one of the first companies in Australia to fully embrace agile delivery methodologies. He’s also run large (300+ ppl) software delivery organisations for banks & online gambling companies. Ed has delivered complex technology projects in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, often rolling up his sleeves and getting it done himself. Since he’s worked in startups, companies at inflection points and large corporates, he knows what it takes to grow, he’s made mistakes, learnt and knows what good looks like.

Having found his moral compass he’s now the CTO of RocketSpace, helping to build the environment where the best ideas in the world can grow the fastest.

The format:

We’re going to experiment with an open Fishbowl conversation ( to drive the discussion. Our Guest will be the only person to permanently sit inside the fishbowl. There will also be at least two extra chairs, that any of you can use. Only people inside the fishbowl are allowed to participate in the conversation and ask questions to the Guest. Others sit outside and are part of the audience. We’ll have an Agile Wrocław member to kick things off and start with a couple of warm-up questions. Other than that, the stage is yours - Agile Wrocław community!

Part of the fishbowl’s charm is that it’s highly likely that we diverge from the crux of the topic. By getting inside the fishbowl you’re in control!


RocketSpace is a technology startup accelerator campus located in the heart of San Francisco. At RocketSpace, we connect tech startups, global brands, accelerator programs, and entrepreneurs to bring the future to market. We believe that you’re a product of your environment. RocketSpace surrounds its members with a perfect ecosystem of resources that they need to accelerate their growth including unique access to corporate brands, venture capital, partnerships, speakers, mentoring, and talent.

Notable alumni include Uber, Spotify, Leap Motion, SuperCell, and Podio.

Corporate innovation partners include companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Converse, Tata Communications, Accenture, SingTel, Volkswagon, Pfizer, Samsung, British Airways, Microsoft, Pearson and General Motors... and many more.