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Disregard those maps that show InnVento in the centre of PGNiG complex. InnVento is actually on the corner of Kasprzaka and Bema streets, bus stop: PKP Kasprzaka, parking: entry from Bema street.

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Scoring allows a lender to deploy capital while minimising a probability of a default. Traditional credit scoring used financial history and basic info about the prospective borrower: job, address and so forth. Abundance of data fuelled by emergence of data-collecting companies opened completely new sources of information for risk managers. Advances in computing technologies fuelled development of mathematics. Optimal credit scoring model of today could use very large sets of data from variety of sources and look for relationships among previously unnoticed areas and factors. This can lead to better allocation of lending capital and greater financial inclusion, as a consequence. We invited leading machine learning thinkers and experts to share their views on scoring methodology. There will be our usual panel discussion with questions from the public, but also plenty of opportunities to network and to shout-out.


6:15pm - Doors open

Refreshments and Networking Opportunities

6:45pm - Session starts

- Welcome address

Piotr Serwin ( & Radek Wierzbicki (, Fintech Trends Organisers

- Presentations

Karol Przanowski (, Co-founder of AMA Institute (, passionate about building, monitoring and validating analytical credit scoring models. Author of several scientific publications and renowned public speaker. Active lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics, holder of MA in Mathematics (University of Łódź, land), Ph.D. of physics (University of Łódź, Poland) and MBA (Polish Academy of Science, Poland).

Vladimir Alekseichenko (, Architect at General Electric. A dreamer, AI enthusiast, a perfectionist in the heart and a pragmatic in the mind. A father, traveller, public speaker, trainer, podcaster at Biznes Myśli (

Filip Stachura (, CEO at Appsilon Data Science ( Passionate about data analysis, breathtaking visualizations and tackling hard algorithmic and analytical problems. Filip co-founded Appsilon Data Science - a company that solves data related challenges for Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including Finance, Insurance and others. Previously at Microsoft in Los Angeles.

- Panel Session

An open discussion with both speakers and delegates exploring the presentations so far and the future of investment products distribution.

Moderated by:

Anna Maj (, CEO, payments expert, Country Manager Poland at PayTech Consulting and fintech mentor at PwC Startup Collider

8:15pm - Closing

Shout-outs, communications and thanks

Further Networking Opportunities

9:15pm - Session ends

The venue, food and drinks are courtesy of PGNiG (, the largest oil & gas company in Poland and sponsors of InnVento ( Credit Scoring - Open Mic Night is a part of and an introduction to Alternative Finance Forum ( which takes place the next day. Follow the link for info and registration.

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