Wroclaw Open Source Meetup #3

Wroclaw Open Source Meetup
Wroclaw Open Source Meetup
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Świdnicka 8B · Wrocław

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There will be posters and convenient signage for the Wroclaw Open Source Meetup throughout the gangways of Barbara.

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Wroclaw Open Source Meetup #3!

Following a short break for the Wroclaw 16th Linux Session, join us again for Wroclaw Open Source Meetup #3 on Friday, April 12th 2019, for a night out with the Wroclaw open source community at the lovely Barbara event center.

As always, we're scheduling two talks, a Q&A session with giveaways (see below!) and a networking afterparty till late.


#1 Open source hardware (and why we're doing it)

FOSS is a well established term among software developers around the world. Obviously enough, software is complemented by the hardware it's operating on. Are today's open hardware platforms a good match for FOSS, do they present just as many advantages? When it comes to hardware, we're talking physicality - which adds an entirely different abstraction level in the computing design equation. More factors, more pitfalls and more challenges are to be taken into account to ensure our platform is reusable to others. Can we actually compare the ideas of open hardware and open software? If yes, to what extent?

This talk will give you an understanding of the main concepts behind open source hardware and why it's so important in driving scalable innovation. As many customers and silicon stakeholders are beginning to realize the potential of license-free design, we will present a selection of real-life examples including Antmicro's projects and give some clues on how to develop hardware with real open source value.

Giveaways! We'll be handing out neat little TOMUs (Tim's Open Micro USBs) to our most active participants: https://github.com/im-tomu

#2 Up your game with tiling window managers

Even the greatest of hackers have to leave the console and use a window manager from time to time. Most of these are not really keyboard-friendly and become more of a nuisance if too many windows are open at the same time. Tiling window managers are a great way to organise this mess to fit your specific needs.

If you are into customizing your Linux workstation, like to have real control over your system and want to improve your everyday workflow, this talk will give you an introduction to the topic and overview of different solutions, followed by a quick tutorial on how to start.


Registration will be at the entry based on the meetup attendee list. You will be asked to provide your name, surname and affiliation. You have to be an adult to attend. Upon entering the venue, you agree that you might be photographed/filmed.


18:00-18:30 - Registration
18:30-20:00 - Talks and Q&A
20:00-late - Afterparty


After the presentations, stay with us for socializing and more discussions at the evening afterparty sponsored by Antmicro with a delicious cold and hot dinner menu, and a selection of regional craft beer and drinks!


Barbara, ul. Świdnicka 8B,[masked] Wrocław