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[0x6F] - The Meet October wouldn't be complete without an 0xOPOSEC event and nothing better than to shed a light on the dark corners of the modern world before the starting your Trick-or-treating. The 8th meetup of 2018 is on the run and hopefully, we will have one more memorable event to talk about. Stay tuned for the latest news and don't forget to try your best on our challenge ;). In the meantime, you can join our Slack chat ( to discuss all kind of hackish stuff and, of course, interact with others members. Hope to see you soon. [Goals] Learn something new, get to know other g33ks, build an information security community/group in the Porto area and, the most important thing, have fun. [Agenda] - Who are you? (New participants small introduction) - "Controlling your neighbor's lights - Dissecting ZigBee Protocol" by André Garrido - "One Trick and one Treat" (Short Talk) by Renato Rodrigues * Social drinks on the house 😉 [Challenge] In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Just get the flag! URL: If you have a solution or need a hint ping @zezadas (Slack).


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    Based in Porto, the ØxOPOSɆC group was started by g33ks who are passionate about security. Our primary mission is to discuss and tackle upsurging security issues by leveraging the expertise and know-how of members of the group. During our gatherings, we address topics as diverse as web, network, crypto, legal, reverse, physical, IoT, mobile and pretty much anything related to security. Participants of all skills level are welcome inasmuch as they have a will to share and learn something new.


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