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Based in Porto, the ØxOPOSɆC group was started by g33ks who are passionate about security. Our primary mission is to discuss and tackle upsurging security issues by leveraging the expertise and know-how of members of the group. During our gatherings, we address topics as diverse as web, network, crypto, legal, reverse, physical, IoT, mobile and pretty much anything related to security. Participants of all skills level are welcome inasmuch as they have a will to share and learn something new.

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We've gone out of our way for years to make sure our community is connected. It's this edge that has gotten us through thick and thin. This time will be no different. We're coming out with another awesome chance to celebrate the wonders of the InfoSec world. Get ready to get down and dirty with our first Hack Day. All you need is the will to learn and your laptop!

Here's the plan - we'll have two beats for the day. In the morning, a set of workshops to pick your brain. In the afternoon, the chance to mingle with fellow hackers and dig more into security topics available on our working stations. This an excellent opportunity to network and pick up some valuable knowledge!
Please check out the agenda for everything you need to know.

Heads up - if you RSVP for this event, it'll only get you access to the afternoon session. Make sure you enroll in the morning training sessions. Workshops have a limited number of spots available. The forms associated with each training will be the ones counting for logistics purposes.

We can't wait for you to join us for this exciting day! If you're staying the whole day, don't worry about lunch – we've got that covered.

In the meantime, you can join our Slack chat (*) to discuss all kinds of hackish stuff and, of course, interact with other members.
*https://bit.ly/3XbyGQu (+)


Learn something new, get to know other g33ks, and, the most important thing, have fun.


Workshops - From 10:00 to 13:00 - Limited Spots - Mandatory Form Registration

Please select only one training session to attend, as they will be happening concurrently. The sign-up forms will stay open until we hit the training capacity, plus a waiting list in case any spots open up.

Title: Hardware fault injection, MacGyver style!
Trainer: Pedro Umbelino (@kripthor)
Form: https://bit.ly/HackDay-HardwareFaultInjection

Title: WiFi - It's free real estate
Trainer: Pedro Rodrigues (@darkcookie)
Form: https://bit.ly/HackDay-WiFiSecurity

Title: Surface Security
Trainers: Duarte Duarte (@dduarte) and Gustavo Silva (@gsilvapt)
Form: https://bit.ly/HackDay-SurfaceSecurity

Title: Real world attacks on Active Directory
Trainer: Gustavo Pinto (@ArmySick)
Form: https://bit.ly/HackDay-ActiveDirectorySecurity

Title: Web Security 101
Trainers: Mariana Fernandes (@kikloki)
Form: https://bit.ly/HackDay-WebSecurity101

Hack The Planet - From 14:00 to 18:00 - Limited Spots - Mandatory RSVP on the Event

Title: Hacked City - Hack Your Way to Victory!
Description: Immerse yourself in a world where hacking becomes a thrilling adventure. This "cutting-edge" creation lets you control a city with moving parts, complete with a Bridge, a Billboard, a Nuclear Power Plant, and a Dam. Each component comes alive when one of the four websites is hacked!
Test your skills as a hacker and challenge your friends to an exhilarating race against time. Unleash your creativity, dive into the world of cybersecurity, and experience the adrenaline rush of controlling a city at your fingertips. Get ready to hack your way to victory in the Hacked City!
Organization: Pedro Tarrinho (@Tarrinho)

Title: SDR Explorations
Description: Do you want to learn about radio and Software Defined Radio (SDR)? Too afraid of maths? No worries!!! This workshop will teach you how to use an SDR receiver and transceiver, intercepting the signals, decode them and reversing the messages as also how to communicate back to the device. Feel free to bring your own SDR device's.
Organization: José Moreira (@Zezadas)

Title: Love is in The Air!
Description: Do you ever wonder if your Wi-Fi network is really secure or if your neighbor can easily sneak onto it? Have you ever been curious about Captive Portals and if it's possible to bypass them? Are all enterprise wireless networks actually well-protected? If you're eager to find the answers, have fun, and learn how to crack interesting material, this pitstop is just for you! Bring your laptop and a proper Wi-Fi card, and let's have a good time!
Organization: Pedro Rodrigues (@darkcookie)

Title: Lockpicking Station
Description: Come hang out at our lockpicking table and explore the exciting world of lockpicking! We have tooling and locks for you to test your skills and knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned lockpicker or just getting started, you will definitely have fun.
Organization: Duarte Monteiro (@d0kt0r)

Title: BYOHack (Small lighting topics about hacking)
Description: We would love to hear your amazing insights, tips&tricks, or stories about hacking or security in general! Therefore, we encourage all attendees to bring their own lightning talk topics. Our main aim for this event is to share knowledge and insights among fellow enthusiasts while having fun at the same time.
Organization: Renato Rodrigues (@SiMpS0N)

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