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Based in Porto, the ØxOPOSɆC group was started by g33ks who are passionate about security. Our primary mission is to discuss and tackle upsurging security issues by leveraging the expertise and know-how of members of the group. During our gatherings, we address topics as diverse as web, network, crypto, legal, reverse, physical, IoT, mobile and pretty much anything related to security. Participants of all skills level are welcome inasmuch as they have a will to share and learn something new.

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[0x00201A] - The Virtual Meet

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[0x00201A] - The Virtual Meet

It's heating up, and we feel like leaving the four walls behind and sinking our feet into soft white sand. While we count down for that dolce far niente, we might as well roll up our sleeves and get as much out of the way. We want to keep pushing the envelope and help you forge ahead, and what better way than to gather at our 5th Meetup of the year.

This time, we'll bring a famous and brilliant community member to the stage; shout out to José Moreira (@zezadas). Together we'll be digging into hacking computer peripherals' weird and peculiar world. If you want to get hands-on reversing protocols, windows applications, USB protocols and message types, and some tools of the trade like WinDbg or Ghidra, you will not want to miss this ride.

In the meantime, you can join our Slack chat (*) to discuss all kinds of hackish stuff and, of course, interact with other members.

Hope to see you soon!


Learn something new, get to know other g33ks, and, the most important thing, have fun.


"Reversing Computer Peripherals - Free your Keyboard, Unleash the Colors" (EN/PT) by José Moreira
Note: And the usual challenge write-up.


Time for some trivia :D Every level has a flag{} waiting for you. Go!

URL: http://0x00201a.madlabs.pw/

Ping @nunohumberto on Slack with your flags!

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