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This group is run and manage by agile 30 group members. Group of 30 learners from agile software development field to share and learn all about agile and related practices. Members of core group are aspiring to become good agile coach and teacher.

Agile 30 is a Scrum Alliance user group, run and manage by Naveen Kumar Singh. You can read more about Naveen on his personal website (Agilemania).

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Webinar on "ICAgile Track Changes: Agile Coaching & Delivery Management"

The discussion will explore: # The discipline of agile coaching # The learning journey to becoming a coach # The value an agile coach brings to the teams they work with # Moving beyond projects - multiple delivery modes # Structuring for effective delivery # Where scaling fits in the ICAgile ecosystem # Different approaches to scaling Speaker: Shane Hastie. Registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/929061339530839052

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Webinar on 'Splitting of User Stories'

Online Webinar

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