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What is TechMeetups?

TechMeetups has been setup to create a global network of Tech communities from San Francisco to Sydney. We believe that Tech communities are isolated and great things can be achieved if we connect within our cities and outside our borders. Our goal is to create a global Tech cluster of over 50 inter-connected Tech communities by 2015.

Our global community started out with the launch of the London Silicon Roundabout Tech community in December 2010. Following it's success in becoming one of the city's fastest growing groups, we have launched TechMeetups communities in the following locations:

Europe:London (http://techmeetups.com/london/), Berlin (http://techmeetups.com/berlin), Lisbon (http://techmeetups.com/lisbon/), Manchester (http://techmeetups.com/manchester/), Paris, (http://techmeetups.com/paris/)

Amsterdam (http://www.meetup.com/Amsterdam-TechMeetups/), Stockholm (http://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-TechMeetups/events/113641142/), Dublin (http://www.meetup.com/Dublin-TechMeetups/), Munich (http://www.meetup.com/munich-TechMeetups/), Vienna (http://www.meetup.com/Vienna-TechMeetups/), Brussels (http://www.meetup.com/Brussels-TechMeetups/),

Copenhagen (http://www.meetup.com/Copenhagen-TechMeetups/) & Barcelona (http://www.meetup.com/barcelona-techmeetups)

USA: New York (http://techmeetups.com/newyork/), Dallas (http://techmeetups.com/dallas/), Miami (http://techmeetups.com/miami/) &San Francisco (http://techmeetups.com/sanfrancisco/)

Asia:Bangalore (http://techmeetups.com/bangalore/), Bangkok (http://techmeetups.com/bangkok/), Mumbai (http://techmeetups.com/bangkok/) & Singapore (http://techmeetups.com/singapore/)

Others: Sydney (http://www.meetup.com/sydney-techmeetups) (http://www.meetup.com/SaoPaulo-TechMeetups/)

You can see our latest list of communitieshere.

Why become a member of TechMeetups?

Anyone who is thinking about starting their own software or web company and wants to bounce ideas off each other and meet potential partners or investors are welcome to join this group!

Our aim is to connect the various tech communities to help our members network, connect, invest and launch products in the hottest technology clusters. We plan to organise monthly meetups to cover various technology subjects that are of interest to our members.


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• POST YOUR STARTUP JOBS atTechStartupJobs (http://www.techstartupjobs.com/)!

Recruiting ? Wanting to hire that perfect team? Post your jobs on TechStartupJobs and/or take part inTechStartupJobs Fair to attract the right talent to your company.


Once you attend our meetups, we will store your data to provide you event access and match you to client jobs before and after the event. We will also notify you about other events or jobs in your city. You will be allowed to opt out at any time with our unsubscribe option. If you have any doubts please visit our GDPR policy page at http://techmeetups.com/gdpr

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Welcome Employers and Job Seekers! Whether you are looking for a job or recruiting, Tech Job Fair is the place to be! The speed dating event for recruiting! Come to meet employers, ask questions, and make connections. This event will target local job seekers from tech and business filed: developers, designers, marketers, sellers, financiers, managers, BI, analysts, product managers, data scientists Amsterdam Tech Job Fair 2019 is a chance for job seekers to talk to companies that are hiring in person. If you’ve had enough of submitting your CV online without the opportunity to make a lasting first impression, here’s your chance to change your strategy and do a bit of networking. Job postings for the event here: www.techstartupjobs.com Become an exhibitor Enjoy networking opportunities, launch a new product, collect feedback, source, hire and generate new leads. Exhibitor packages & benefits https://techmeetups.com/exhibitors Pictures from previous events https://www.flickr.com/photos/techmeetups/albums Testimonials https://techmeetups.com/testimonials If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact [masked] CHECK THE TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/amsterdam-tech-job-fair-autumn-2019-tickets-53543227234

Get Hired Amsterdam 2019

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€ 55,00

Join GET HIRED AMSTERDAM 2019 event to: • Find out who is hiring in your city & what are they looking for ? • How to utilise Social Media to showcase yourself ? • Giving you 5 Books to get you hired: “Build Your Brand and Land that Dream Job” “Stop Hustling.. Start Building” “Free to Work, Free to Travel” “How to be great at virtual Working” “Tips to Smash Your Unemployment to Pieces” • What tools are out there to help you find your dream job ? • Learn from experts with many years of experience in a friendly environment • VIP access to our Tech Jobs Fair across Europe- LINK (https://techmeetups.com/events/) * For custom CV rewrite/redesign – please check tickets : https://get-hired-amsterdam-2019.eventbrite.co.uk SPONSOR: Mechanical keys are a thing of the past. There is a smarter way to open doors; from wherever you are, regardless of where your business is! SALTO KS provides flexible, cloud-based, wireless access control that is easy and simple to use for businesses including Coworking Spaces, Coliving Buildings, Purpose Built Student Accommodation, Retail, Multi-Tenant Housing, Gyms and many more. SPEAKERS: Agnese Rossi and Pauline Beelen will be speaking about how their recruitment process works as a tech scale-up in Amsterdam and we will be given tips for each step of it. MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED. PARTNER: Codaisseur trains you to become a Web Developer in 11 weeks. You (or your employer) pay only if you start working in less than 3 months after graduation.

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