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Community to escale: Working with local and remote communities

Inscriptions here: http://bit.ly/2NsKrjc CMX Connect is a global community of community managers that aims to help community professionals to thrive through local events (+40 chapters), education, support and networking. The next edition of CMX Lisbon would feature two amazing community specialists, Andreia Tulcidás (Community Manager @ OutSystems) and Isabella de Brito (Community Operations Analyst @ Unbabel) to talk all about how to develop your remote and local communities. Agenda: 18h30 - 19h: Check-in & grab a drink! 19h - 19h30: Andreia Tulcidás: Working with your local communities 19h30 - 20h: Isabella de Brito: Working with your remote communities 20h - 20h30: Q&A I Open Mic At the Q&A I Open Mic session, you can share cool insights related to your own community or bring topics that you would like to discuss and get feedback from all the other community managers attending the event. See you there!

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Beta Hour: Jungle Safari Special Farewell Party

Beta-i | Building the Innovation Ecosystem

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