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The Startup Traction & Funding Network, by the Founder Institute ( https://fi.co/ ) brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups, and to push the local startup ecosystem forward.

This group hosts numerous free events throughout the year where you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that. You’ll have the opportunity to meet local founders and investors, exchange ideas with experts, get feedback on your idea, participate in startup workshops, and more.

Typical startup event topics include:

• Refining your startup idea

• Startup legal basics

• How to pitch your startup

• How to launch a global company

• How to raise funding for your startup

• And much more!

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Eventos realizados (72)

Founder Hotseat: Expone tu Idea a los Expertos en Bogota

Late Live Coffee & Stage

Startup Funding in Bogota: How to Raise Money for Your Idea

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