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We were born to Be Happy!
This is a group for anyone interested in living their full potential through self-empowerment, reclaiming their inner power, awakening their true capacities, connection to their divine Soul and Essence, practical spirituality, being the driver of their life versus victim-hood, owning their power. People interested in coming together to grow and heal.
Workshops will also be held having these themes in mind. Welcome!

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SOUL BODY FUSION - A Practical Workshop


€ 20,00

SOUL BODY FUSION - A Practical Workshop Soul Body Fusion is a simple, safe and quick process you can do on yourself and on others. It re-aligns the body at a cellular level with the highest possible light it can hold. When you tune to your higher self, you´re raising your vibration and able to hold and emit higher frequencies which will help you to create a new reality for yourself. The fusion process aligns our current self - no matter how high we already are - with the even finer, lighter, more cosmic aspects of our soul, thus increasing our vibrational field. Each person's experience is unique as it is her/his soul that is in charge of the process. Some Results: - feel more present and grounded in our life; - Increasing our vibration in our body we attract better health and well-being; - Enables healing; - Repels negativity; - Accelerates personal and spiritual growth; - Brings more confidence, calmness, clarity and positivity. There are no downside risks or side effects because your soul is in charge. If you´re interested in attending this event please register/email me.

MINDFULNESS For Life Transformation - A 8 Week Course

Avª 25 de Abril, Cascais

Hi Visionaries! I will be starting a 8 week Mindfulness Course for Life Transformation. Would you like to: - Be more present and aware in your daily life; - Be more in charge of yourself, responding to events/situations rather than in reaction to them; - Have less stress, sleep better, be more calm; - Have better memory and more clarity; - Raise your vibration and be more joyful. By the end of the 8 weeks, if you have committed to a daily practice, you will find that you´ll be able to feel the above benefits. Each week will build up on the previous. The program will be as follows: Week 1 : Introduction to Mindfulness Week 2 : From Auto-Pilot to Presence Week 3 : Mindfulness and the Mind Week 4 : Mindfulness and Emotions Week 5 : Mindfulness and the Body Week 6 : Heart Intelligence Week 7 : Relationships and Active Listening Week 8 : Compassion and Self-Compassion. Each session will begin with a short talk on the theme of the week followed by a meditation and/or exercise. You´ll also be given in each session 1 or 2 exercises, besides a recorded meditation, to practice in between sessions to help consolidate the practice and bring Mindfulness to your daily life. Give yourself this opportunity to transform yourself and your life :) I will be stating with a class at 2pm on Monday but other time options will also be available, depending on interest. Feel free to contact me for other options. Fee: 80 Euros for 8 weeks. Early Bird: 70 Euros if you register before January 21st, 2019 Limited seats available More info at: https://www.heart-soul-connections.com/mindfulness.html

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Avª 25 de Abril, Cascais

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