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This is a group for anyone interested in understanding of the mechanisms underlying thoughts and intelligent behavior and their emulation in machines. All skill levels are welcome. Sri Lanka Association for AI (SLAAI) initiated this meet up to promote industry academia partnership in the use for AI techniques for real world problem solving

SLAAI is a national organization established in 2005 with the aim of developing the field of AI in Sri Lanka. Its membership consists of leading practitioners of AI in the country including academics, industry practitioners, enthusiasts and students. Its members have done yeoman service for the popularization of AI They have organized workshops and awareness creation events not only in Colombo but in many other provinces as well. This Meetup is only one of the many events that SLAAI organizes in pursuance of its mandate of developing and popularizing AI as a field in Sri Lanka. It will continue to conduct regular activities such as meetups, workshops, and panel discussions, national and international conferences, tech talks and AI Hackathons.

You are cordially invited to become a member of SLAAI and actively participate in its activities to bring benefits of AI to Sri Lanka.

[Please note that statements made elsewhere that SLAAI do not plan any future events is totally incorrect, misleading and has no basis. SLAAI has been consistent in its pursue of popularization of AI In Sri Lanka through national events and will continue to do the same in future.]

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Landscape of Artificial Intelligence in Sri Lanka

Virtusa Auditorium

Speakers: (1.) Thushera Kawdawatta (CEO at Axiata Digital Labs; Former Vice President of Technology at Virtusa) (2.) Dr. Sagara Sumathipala (Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa; Consultant (Artificial Intelligence) at Mobitel) Moderator of the Panel Discussion: Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma (Deputy Vice-Chancellor at The Open University of Sri Lanka; Former Member of Board of Directors at ICTA; Former Dean at Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa) Panelists: (1.) Thushera Kawdawatta (2.) Dr. Sagara Sumathipala (3.) Nuwan Perera (Director of Software Development at IFS; Member of Board of Directors at SLASSCOM) (4.) Darshan Gunawardena (Associate Director - Technology at Virtusa)

SLAAI - Technical Session at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Presenters: (1.) Dr. Sagara Sumathipala (Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa; Consultant (Artificial Intelligence) at Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd.,) (2.) Dr. Kapila Rathnayaka (Senior Lecturer at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka) (3.) Dr. Shanmuganathan Vasanthapriyan (Senior Lecturer at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka) (4.) Eng. Dinesh Asanka (Microsoft MVP; Senior Architect at Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd.,) (5.) Eng. Dilan Buddhika Wijerathne (Innovationist at Nations Trust Bank PLC.,) Presentations would be followed by a panel discussion. Event would be open to general public whom get prior consent from the University to attend the event. Please message (or email: [masked]) us your full name and NIC/Passport number to arrange permission. Students/Staff members of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka do not need any prior permission.

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SLAAI - Workshop for Advanced Level ICT Students

Vihara Maha Devi Balika Vidyalaya

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