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These days data is everywhere!

Knowing how to extract the information "hidden" in the data can make a difference, regardless of your occupation. The topics are often strongly interdisciplinary, as well the tools you can use.

Take home ideas to level up your skills with tools like Excel, Tableau or Power BI. Or if you wish to get to the next level using R, Python or even D3.js, this will be the meetup for you as well.

We want to bring together absolute beginners, professionals or people who are enthusiastic about info/data vis. The attendees should find it easy to get involved in a dialogue. Every question is allowed, from basic understanding to concrete problems.

We want to become a community to grow understanding and skills for data visualization and interaction. Let's show how beneficial data/info visualizations is!

Ideas and collaboration from everyone on how to shape or change the meeting are welcome.

Also, If you are interested in becoming a fellow administrator or event organiser, please contact any of the administrators.

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#16 Dataviz – Maarten Lambrechts – Online, Free

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📈 This time we present a great speaker from Belgium. If you are a fan of a good map, this talk is for you! Go beyond the choropleth map and get some of his technical knowledge and design decisions for map making. Check out the ongoing map challenge on Twitter: #30DayMapChallenge 🎙 Turning Data Into Effective Maps 🎙 In this talk, Maarten will share some of his recent mapping work. He'll talk about the design decisions that went into the maps, the data behind them, and the technology used to produce them. You'll hear about shapefiles, rasters, QGIS, Mapbox, D3.js, labelling, map projections and more! ––––– 👉 The Event is online and free of charge! 18:30 👋 Welcome 18:35 🎙 Talk from Maarten Lambrechts 19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A 👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment. ***** About Maarten Lambrechts ***** Maarten Lambrechts is a freelance data visualisation consultant based in Belgium. He helps people and organisations communicate their numbers by making charts and maps, both static and interactive ones. He gives trainings on data visualisation, designs and develops visualisations and as a data journalist he tells stories based on data. 👋 More about Maarten: Web: www.maartenlambrechts.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/maartenzam LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/maartenlambrechts/

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#15 Dataviz – Silvia Fierăscu – Online, Free

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