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Hi, my name is Eric and I'm from Los Angeles, California. Living and working here, I've met so many interesting people from all over the world. And if you're like me, a lot of those meetings were from chance encounters at cafes or supermarkets. This is why I want to start a group to bring together foreigners living in SP; to have an open space to meet new people, share, laugh, and connect with others. Really, it's about exchanging stories, experiences, adventures, and tips (travel, restaurants, work, lifestyle, etc.) that only an expat living here would understand or know about. Whether you're 3 months in or 20 years settled, everyone has something that others may like or find helpful. So come join us and throw in your penny of thought. I hope to see you here, or at the local supermarket! *This group is specifically for foreigners, and if you are Brazilian and would like to practice your English, come join our other group, "American English Lovers" which is already open and has lots of members and fun activities: (

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