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Sr. Café
We will get together and have fun while speaking in English, meeting new friends, and munching (eating and drinking). Come join us!!

Sr. Café

Av. Cap. Manoel Rudge, 1184 Parque Monte Libano · Mogi das Cruzes

O que fazemos

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You can start to chat in English with our WhatsApp link. Using the WhatsApp chat room can be a great way to practice your English daily. The more people we have in this group, the more you will see ways to interact and have fun using the language. We encourage you to have your friends join the group and have English chat. You will also meet new people here and eventually face-to-face at the regular meetings in English Munchers.

The rules for English Munchers chat on WhatsApp are the following:

• Messages with sexual content are not permitted

• No vulgar language, which includes acronyms and abbreviations

• No advertising for paid events whatsoever; for other events, check with the admins

• We discourage correction and encourage connection between one another

• The most important rule is RESPECT!

We created this platform for members, whom we call English Munchers, to get together and make new friends, while eating, drinking, speaking English, and having FUN!! We offer you the opportunity to speak English in a social setting, focusing on a topic for the day/night. It’s nice to just hang-out with others, but to have a conversation with people in English is what we are all about. Many people have taken numerous classes and now the question is “do they still need to take more classes to say fluent?” Our answer is “NO”! After teaching many professional Brazilians, I have concluded that people just need a chance to have conversations to “freshen-up” or stay current with the language. We all get “rusty”, if we don’t continue to use our skills.

Now is the time to start a regular time of meeting with others to use your English. We suggest that you try to get together at least once each month to use your English in a practical way, expressing your ideas and thoughts. Your new friends will help you build the confidence you need to speak in professional and social circles. You probably don’t need a class. However, if you feel you would like some classes to help you go to the next level, just let us know. We try to recruit “organizers” for our groups from the English teachers in your community. So, within our groups there are English teachers, for face-to-face classes, or Skype/WhatsApp classes. If you would like to travel out of Brazil for an exchange student program, we can try to help with that too.

English Munchers welcomes you to the family and we hope you will take advantage of this great group to advance your English and simply to stay current and fresh. Our keyword for our groups is “RESPECT” and we take this very seriously.

It is important to remember that everyone has an opinion and everyone is important. We should not impose our ideas and thoughts on others. We can voice our ideas and that is the purpose of our meeting, but we should not insist that others think like we think. Please be considerate of other people’s ideas and opinions.

If you would like to help us organize the groups and help with some things like welcoming the members to the meetings, or help ask the questions for the group activity, please let us know. We are always looking for help and your assistance is always welcome.

Thanks, English Munchers Team


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