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Welcome to Google Developer Group Covilhã!

We are a technology-based organization that is completely run by a community of volunteer organizers. Because of this we are always looking for volunteer help in running events, and are open to community suggestions and contributions in terms of speakers, event venues and sponsorships. Just talk to one of the organizers and we'll be happy to work with you.

Our Mission: To translate technology awareness into actionable learning for personal and professional growth.

About GDG Covilhã

We are Computer Science and Engineering students with an interest in learning about emergent technologies in areas including (but not limited to) mobile, web, wearables, cloud computing, education technology, data sciences and smart homes.

We are committed to bring to Covilhã the best events we can, such as technology talks, hackathon, workshops, study jams and some socialising moments among the members.

Our talks may feature Google technology (e.g., Chrome, Android, AngularJS, Google Glass, Android Wear, Polymer, Google Compute Engine ..) but also extends to competitive technologies, products and platforms.

Our primary goal is to create actionable networking, collaboration and entrepreneurial connections for technology enthusiasts in Covilhã and surroundings.

Want to speak at our events? Sign up here:

Speaker Sign Up: GDG Covilhã (https://goo.gl/forms/DXoZFEgLKQp8hLOx1)

Want to volunteer to help at any of our events?

Join the group, later we can talk!


All members of the Google Developer Group Covilhã are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct. Simply put: "Be Excellent to each other". Harassment of any kind (physical, verbal, digital) will not be tolerated and can potentially lead to expulsion from events, or even from the community. A more detailed version of the Code of Conduct is found here:

GDG_Covilhã—CodeOfConduct (http://bit.ly/GDGCov_conduct)


We are not run by Google. However, we are a listed Google Developers community and count on them as one of our sponsors (specifically as venue hosts and for signature events like Study Jams). Any opinions and activities here are our own and do not reflect that of Google (the corporation).

To learn more about the GDG program visit http://www.developers.google.com/groups/

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