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H/F in Lisbon! Startup drinks and coffee
Monthly H/F meetup! Just show up, talk about your startup problems, or innovation/tech in general, in a very informal setup. H/F is one of the biggest global startup communities, and I plan to make it very inclusive here. We'll host it at The Block, a cowork/cafe/event space 5 min from Picoas, Saldahna, Parque metros. As usual with The Block, there is a 3 euro fee at the door, that includes a beer, specialty coffee or soft drink at the bar. Full-time members of The Block don't have to pay.

The Block Cafe

Latino Coelho 63, 1st floor · Lisboa

€ 3,00

O que fazemos

At H/F, we just hang out to talk about innovation and startups. The problems, challenges, but also solutions and help in general.

No talk, just coffee/beer/soft drinks and cool people.
This event is inclusive, we don't care how old you are, what your gender is, what your background is.

Hackers and Founders is one of the first and biggest startup community in the world.
It has 300 000+ members, in 48 countries.

H/F also has startup accelerators/incubators, quite a bit of investment money to put in startups...

But what I think is the most important: a community with many scouts trying to find the right projects to join/invest in/help.

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