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Interested in startups but don't know where to start? Let us help you navigate the tech scene and introduce you to entrepreneurs attempting to change the world. Our free events include "Intro to the LA Startup Community" and "Fireside chats" with some of most well respected CEOs in LA, both of which are followed by drinks and networking

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#WomenInTech Breakfast: Candid Talks with Technical Leaders

General Assembly Santa Monica Campus

YOUR SEAT IS NOT OFFICIALLY RESERVED UNTIL YOU RSVP HERE: https://generalassemb.ly/education/womenintech-breakfast-candid-talks-with-technical-leaders/los-angeles/83506 About This Event: We invite you to join us for this interactive breakfast for Women in Technology & Entrepreneurship. Whether they're spearheading key projects or managing teams, our panelists are technical leaders making important product and team decisions every day. Join us to hear candid advice and tips on how to continue to progress in your career. How did our panelists transition into leadership positions? What are some important lessons they've learned along the way? Panelists and attendees will get the opportunity to network after the discussion. Breakfast generously provided by ModelExpand Breakfast 8:15am-8:30am Panel and Q&A 8:30am-9:10am Networking 9:10am-9:30am About Our Partners: ModelExpand | https://www.modelexpand.com/ ModelExpand is a leading diversity strategy firm focused on employer branding and talent acquisition.

Metaphysical Mindfulness: Tapping Ancient Wisdom to Tackle Today's Challenges

General Assembly Santa Monica Campus

YOUR SEAT IS NOT OFFICIALLY RESERVED UNTIL YOU RSVP HERE: https://generalassemb.ly/education/metaphysical-mindfulness-tapping-ancient-wisdom-to-tackle-today-s-challenges/los-angeles/90079 About This Event: The Spiritual Services industry (including astrology, mediums, aura readings and other metaphysical/psychic/mystical offerings) is $2B+ and growing every year. The L.A. Times recently reported on the trend of millennials embracing spiritual beliefs. Astrology-based start-ups are reaping investment funding. Meditation is increasingly common, with dedicated rooms appearing in diverse locations, from workplaces to museums and airports. As we navigate today’s increasingly disconnected, noisy, chaotic world, answers to our most pressing questions – where do I want to be, what brings me fulfillment, in what can I trust? await us in the tools of old. Featuring a panel of experts from different spiritual disciplines, we will demystify these services and discuss how the most mystical tools can be applied to down-to-earth situations. Our panelists, listed below, bring years of corporate experience to their metaphysical practices, from technical program leadership to global marketing executive, from diverse organizations including Headspace and Shondaland. They role model how you CAN have it all, how you can successfully blend both worlds into the truly whole person you were born to be. About the Instructors: Nicola Barone | HR Generalist and Certified Yoga Instructor https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/nicola-barone/21838 Zach Loeb | Intuitive, Career Coach, Executive Recruiter, Lee Hecht Harrison https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/zach-loeb/21994 Meg Buzzi | Strategist, Certified Coach, Team & Culture Builder, Rah Rah Rah Creative Coaching https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/meg-buzzi/21995 Jen Harmon | Strategic Leader, Business Development, Multi-Channel Direct Marketer https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/jen-harmon/21996 Tom Freeman | Engagement Manager, Business Psychologist, Speaker, Headspace https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/tom-freeman/21997

Bootstrapping a Startup: Build Multimillion Dollar Business with Less than $250K

General Assembly Downtown Los Angeles

YOUR SEAT IS NOT OFFICIALLY RESERVED UNTIL YOU RSVP HERE: https://generalassemb.ly/education/bootstrapping-a-startup-build-multimillion-dollar-business-with-less-than-250k/los-angeles/87245 About This Event: Join Alexandra Connell, CEO, and Co-Founder of Pluma a rising star in the $12 billion executive coaching industry, as she shares her experience creating a thriving, successful company without outside capital by remaining stalwart and steady and leading with authenticity. In this one hour session, you will hear firsthand what it truly means to be unwavering in your principles and truly live your values in growing and leading your business. While many start-ups begin with a highly principled and conscious approach, they often find when they accept outside investment capital, the tradeoffs can be unmooring. Alexandra has built a highly in-demand, people-first, profitable company by relentlessly leading with authenticity and uncompromisingly focusing on the highest level of customer service. She has a unique and personal viewpoint on what it means to be principled in her approach and the tradeoffs she makes — particularly with respect to bootstrapping her way to profitability with global clients like Adobe, Gap Inc., Dropbox and others. Takeaways: - What “bootstrapping” is and what it’s not - What kind of businesses are primed for this approach - What are the tradeoffs of going it alone - Creative approaches to self-funding About the Presenter: Alexandra Connell | Founder, Pluma https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/alexandra-connell/21497 Parking Suggestions: The best parking structure to use is at 350 E. 2nd Street. It is directly next door (to the right) of our building. The cost is $2.00/15 min ($10 max), $5.00 flat rate after 4pm. Once you enter the building, please check in with the security guard and head to the 4th floor for General Assembly.

How to be a Productivity Pro

General Assembly Santa Monica Campus

YOUR SEAT IS NOT OFFICIALLY RESERVED UNTIL YOU RSVP HERE: https://generalassemb.ly/education/how-to-be-a-productivity-pro/los-angeles/88667 About This Event: Staying on top of everything in our busy, digitally-driven lives is a huge challenge for most of us. How do we balance fielding work demands, being attached to our smartphones, and staying on top of wellness, all while trying to excel in our careers? It’s no longer enough to focus simply on “time management”. We all need to think about how we manage our attention and focus, our projects and actions, our choices and habits. Learn the characteristics of being a “Productivity Pro” - how to be calm and prepared as well as skilled and ruthless. You’ll walk away having identified specific tactics to improve your personal productivity and well being! About the Speaker: Ryan Williams | CEO & Author, Influencer Economy https://generalassemb.ly/instructors/ryan-williams/2786

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International Screenwriters' Association Presents: Third Thursdays

General Assembly Downtown Los Angeles

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