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This group is for digital nomads and people who are interested in the digital nomad lifestyle. If you are location independent, looking to start your journey towards it, or just generally interested in 21st century possibilities, please join us!


Every week, we organise casual meetups, co-working days, comedy nights, talks, workshops, panel discussions, open mic nights, and a lot more!

Our members are a mix of Lisbon locals, nomads who have settled down in Lisbon, and people who are just passing through. Come say Hi!

Everyone is welcome.

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Nomad Reggaeton Party

ODD Trindade

We know you like a good party! So we decided to organize one ourselves! Bring your best Dancemoves and best of vibes for our Nomad Reggaeton night! Only with the best Reggaeton songs from Latin America, with an occasional Salsa, Bachata and Merengue Surprise! With your own LatinoBoi Victor and Reggaeton enthusiast Rosanna on the 1s and 2s! Bring a friend and let's dance at ODD. Free entry! *About the Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup Group* The Lisbon nomad community is buzzing. We are a team of 13 nomads organising this weekly Digital Nomad Meetups for over 3.5 years. Our mission is to always provide some awesome local spots to receive us all, while you are in charge of the interesting conversations with others in town. So far it's been an awesome journey and if you joined us you already you know what we're talking about. If not, do check out the photos of the previous events and come join this one.

NomadVolunteer - Let's help Small Businesses get on google maps

Le Wagon Lisbon Coding Bootcamp

Hey Nomies, glad you're here. If you ever feel like giving back to the local community, there are many ways to do this, but for this NomadVolunteer we'll help some small local businesses to get some more footfall. How you ask? By getting them (Correctly) on google maps! Google maps has some awesome free features. You can search for certain categories such as "Groceries" or "Barber" and places in the whole city or your vicinity will show up. It's also great that there is a review system and you can check opening hours, phone number etc. Maybe you have noticed a small local Pastelaria which is empty most of the day, or perhaps a local convenience store, drugstore, restaurant, hairdresser - did you check if they are available on Google Maps? If not - let's hit the streets! This is something that is super easy and quick to do for us, and can make a big difference for some people who haven't benefitted from the big influx of inhabitants and visitors to this city. It takes about 10-15 minutes to put a business on Google Maps, and with this we take some explaining time into account too. But of course we want this to be a fun day for you too, so we're going to buddy you up with some nice people! We will create teams of minimum 2 and maximum 4 so we can divide and conquer. We'll tune in together for a live tutorial on how to do this (remotely) but of course all the steps will also be shared with the participants in writing. Don't worry, it's super easy, anyone who owns a computer or a smartphone can do it. We will gather 11AM at the space of Le Wagon who are lovely to host us for this. If you want to go alone or with your buddies in a particular area and don't want to come to Le Wagon first, make sure you Join our google hangout at this same time in which you get briefed and we go over the process of getting a business on Google Maps. We gather again at Le Wagon at 3pm, again you can just Join the Google Hangout if you're too far away. The links to the Hangouts will be shared in the comment of this event. 11am - Briefing at Le Wagon or through Live Google Hangout 11.10 - Start mission 13.00 - Lunch with your buddies 14.00 - mission continues 15.00 - Regroup and day share at Le Wagon/ through google hangout. Just so we can create teams, Please fill in this short form: https://forms.gle/dtA815tSZTT9dpZa8 We need one portuguese speaker per team, so if you have any local friends who aren't normally in this Nomad group but who want to help - please tell them to sign up for this too. Looking forward to this!

Casual Coworking Monday

Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery - Alcantara

Join us for some casual coworking at the Copenhagen Coffee Lab in Alcantara! Bring your laptops, do some work, and have a chat or two with fellow nomads. This is not really an "event", just an excuse for us all to do a bit of work in a nice environment. :) We usually sit at the big wooden table in the middle of the coffee shop. Come say hi and join us! Most days we head out for lunch nearby at around 1.30PM and then come back for more casual coworking. You can join us at any time. As always, everyone welcome! NOTE: there are multiple Copenhagen Coffee Labs in Lisbon, so make sure you have the right one. Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup Team ___________________________________ PS - Like us on Facebook here to get updates on new events: https://www.facebook.com/lisbondigitalnomads

NomadTalks: SEO "Ask Me Anything" by Brian Dean from Backlinko

Selina Secret Garden Lisbon

If you're interested in SEO, than you most likely heard of Brian Dean from Backlinko. He's one of the top SEO Experts in the world and will answer your questions about Organic Search during his NomadTalk. Limited spots so make sure you RSVP! To make sure we have a good mix of questions and that everyone gets a shot at learning from Brian's expertise, submit your question via this form: https://forms.gle/ut57PKAD3pNd5EZF9 We will reserve a little bit of time for any spontaneous questions that might come up after the talk. Please be punctual so we can start promptly at 7:10PM and you can take a seat without interrupting the talk. The event will be in the restaurant area of Selina, but feel free to Bring Your Own Beer/Water/Lemonade since the bar is not open yet. We will livestream this event though the Lisbon Digital Nomads facebook group. If you are not in town, this is a great way to attend online > https://www.facebook.com/groups/532696873566509/ Of course if you just want to attend the live stream, there is no need to RSVP since you'd be taking some of the spots in the room away. ***About Brian Dean Brian is the founder of the SEO training company Backlinko, and a popular blog and YouTube channel. You can check the valuable content he's shared along the years here: https://backlinko.com/blog and his Youtube channel with over 230k subscribers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7J37QuXsGL7QG6SMIpqKg ***About the Venue Selina Secret Garden has it all: a coliving place, a coworking space, a restaurant, a bar, a rooftop and even a swimming pool (did anyone mentioned hot summer days?). With different packages for accommodation and work, it's one of the best places to land in Lisbon: https://www.selina.com/portugal/secret-garden-lisbon/ ***About NomadTalks Nomadtalks is brought to you by the Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup Group. We've been organizing weekly Digital Nomad Meetups for a quite while now and the community is buzzing in Lisbon. Check out the photos of previous Meetups. As a team of nomads, slowmads, locals and expats we are striving to find the most awesome spots in Lisbon to receive us all and organize events for our community. Join our NomadTalks, weekly meetups, hikes or other events and meet the amazing community. Looking forward to meeting you, Olivia, part of the Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup team.

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