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Products, Tools, Systems, Environments, Services, you name it. We Designers design everything. And we should. There are a lot of things that have severe problems and need to be designed appropriately. Like Companies, for example. Have you ever heard about a Company that runs smoothly and without any hiccups? Or should I say, have you ever heard about a significant and growing company or organization, that is not always, consistently, day in and day out, running aimlessly trying to put out catastrophic fires everywhere? Well, in this next meetup, we are going to talk about how some designers are working to help Organizations (Private Companies, Associations, Government Entities, etc.) to be better and to design themselves, and help them to navigate the necessary changes that they need to do to their business model, their culture, their employee experience and all of those things an Organization encompasses. So, let's talk about that, and let's get together once again next Wednesday, December 19th, starting at 18:30, at the new Beta-i offices in Lisbon (and yeah, what better place to talk about Designing Organizations than at a Startup Accelerator). We will have three speakers and a panel discussion afterward, and also some snacks and drinks as well. We are going to have Rita Ribeiro da Silva, Founder of Skoach, talking about "Designing Through Behavior"; then Laura Lorenzo, Experience Designer at OutSystems telling us about "A new way to Make the workplace work" and finally Lauren Currie, Managing Director at NOBL that will talk about "Designing Culture". After all of this, we will have a panel discussion moderated by Susana Branco, Employee Experience Designer, around the topic of "How can we design the employee's experiences?" As usual, please register as soon as you can because the spots are limited and they usually run out pretty quickly. Stay cool and see you there! =)


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    Lisbon.UX is the User Experience Meetup in Lisbon. A chilled meetup where we try to come up with useful topics and present them in cool offices so that good people like you show up. =)

    The event is open to anyone in Lisbon that’s interested in User Experience, from Designers wanting to know more about the field, Companies wanting to know how they can improve their UX, to Researchers wanting to know more about the different UX study methods.

    Lisbon.UX is proudly organized and powered by a team which you will know about very soon.


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