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Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups, and to push the local startup ecosystem forward.

This group hosts numerous free events (http://www.fi.co/events/luxembourg) throughout the year where you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that. You’ll have the opportunity to meet local founders and investors, exchange ideas with experts, get feedback on your idea, participate in startup workshops, and more.

Typical startup event topics include:
• Coming up with a strong startup idea
• Startup legal basics
• How to pitch your startup
• Starting a company without quitting your day job
• How to raise funding for your startup
• And much more!

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Global Ventures Summit Luxembourg 2019 [FOUNDER INSTITUTE PARTNER EVENT]

Silicon Valley Is Coming To Luxembourg GVS: Silicon Valley Tours The World. www.gvsummit.co Silicon Valley funds, entrepreneurs and influencing founders tour the world for the first time through GVS. Global Ventures Summit seeks to level the playing field and support the best business ideas, startups and entrepreneurs coming out of every city on the planet. GVS gathers over $30B in Silicon Valley and International investors with a reach of over 3.5 Million people. After the inaugural 2017 Bali success, GVS Luxembourg 2019 is planned to make more funding available to Europe and global Entrepreneurs. GVS will bring successful entrepreneurs and investors to meet – and fund - the next generation of global startup founders. Every business is now a perpetual startup. Anyone with an idea and solid follow-through is an entrepreneur. No matter where you are in the world, incredible viable business ideas are launching each day. More Startups are set to attract over $100B in Venture Capital by 2020. These two days in Luxembourg will cross-pollinate ideas, cultural knowledge and investment dollars between Silicon Valley and Europe through GVS Luxembourg. A $50,000 Pitch Battle session will take place on the second day. Get in front of the line at GVS. What’s In It For Investment Professionals? Gain access to hundreds of early-stage, exclusive deals before anyone knows about them. Meet hundreds of startups under one roof and find your next investment. Meet with regulatory, policy and government leaders from around the globe and start the dialogue for global investment partnerships. What’s In It For Startup Founders? Meet hundreds of powerful investors from around the world. Enter the GVS Pitch Battle and compete for your chance to win $50,000 in investment. Pitch your startup directly to investors and gain funding, investment and mentoring support. Exhibit your startup, refine your elevator pitch and get the world out about what you’re working on. Network and share ideas with fellow startup founders. Policy Makers Learn how to support a startup ecosystem in your region. Meet with potential investors and entrepreneurs Understand why economic growth for your city, state or country is reliant on investment in the startup community. Founder Institute Partnership The Founder Institute will present top graduates at the Global Ventures Summit. FI startups and partners are invited to join us at preferential conditions. Reach out to [masked]

Founder Hotseat: Pitch Your Startup to Silicon Valley & Luxembourg Experts

Do you have a startup, or a strong idea for a startup? Could you use blunt, honest feedback on your ideas from experienced entrepreneurs? Then join us for the Founder Hotseat event, from the Founder Institute. During this event, members of the audience will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts, who will then rate each pitch on a score of 1-5 (no 3's allowed!), and provide helpful feedback. Our special guest for the evening is Ryan Micheletti, the Global Head of Operations for the Founder Institute who is visiting from Silicon Valley. Even if you don't want to pitch, you are invited to register, hear startup ideas, and watch how the experts analyze and critique businesses. >> Speakers include: - Arnold Spruit (Non Executive Director , Independent) - Matteo Ressa (Founder & CEO, ChefPassport) - Orkun Ozbatur (Director & Founder, FI Luxembourg & Concio) - Ryan Micheletti (Director of Global Operations, Founder Institute) - Ivo Radulovski (Partner & Regional Director, Tech Family Ventures & FI Luxembourg) >> Who should Attend? - Anyone who wants feedback from leading entrepreneurs - Anyone who has an early-stage startup and wants expert feedback - Anyone who has an idea for a startup or a tech company - Anyone who needs practice and expert advice on pitching >> Who Pitches? We will be selecting people from the audience to pitch, and will do as many as time allows. To prepare, work on your one sentence pitch at http://fi.co/madlibs. Spectators are welcome! Even if you don't want to pitch, you are invited to register, hear startup ideas, and watch how the experts analyze and critique new businesses. >> >> Reserve your free spot here: https://fi.co/event/founder-hotseat-pitch-your-startup-to-luxembourg-city-startup-experts.

Enrolled Founder Networking with Ryan, Head of Global Ops at FI

Ryan Micheletti (Head of Operations of the Founder Institute, serial entrepreneur and Managing Director of FI Silicon Valley) is visiting from Silicon Valley, and he is excited to meet with enrolled Founders in Luxembourg City. At this special event, Founders will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas, businesses and needs with Ryan, as well as spend high-quality networking time with their peers. Don't miss this opportunity to get individualized feedback from one of the leading FI startup experts worldwide. >> Who should Attend? - Founders and aspiring entrepreneurs that have enrolled in the FI program - Program Graduates, Mentors and Leaders Please RSVP here: http://fi.co/e/216227/meetup

Founder Institute Global Startup Mixer: Meet Top Entrepreneurs & Investors

The Game Downtown - Sports Bar & Steakhouse

As the Luxembourg City Founder Institute semester prepares to launch, join us at this VIP event to meet the mentors, Regional Startup leaders from around the world, and alumni who have taken part in the program. Get feedback on your ideas and tips on how to succeed in the program, and start building relationships with the people who will help you get to traction and funding in the Founder Institute's global network. Top local entrepreneurs and CEOs will be in attendance. >> Featuring: - Ryan Micheletti (Director of Global Operations, Founder Institute) - Arnold Spruit (Non Executive Director , Independent) - Matteo Ressa (Founder & CEO, ChefPassport) - Ivo Radulovski (Partner & Regional Director, Tech Family Ventures & FI Luxembourg) >> Who should Attend? - Anyone who is interested in the Luxembourg City Founder Institute - Luxembourg City Founder Institute mentors and alumni - VIP Guests of the Luxembourg City Founder Institute 👉 👉 This event is FREE, and we expect over 50 people in attendance. For more information, visit http://fi.co/e/216224/meetup --- For information about the investors, incubators, and tech events available, see our list of Startup Resources (https://fi.co/startup_resources). Interested in perfecting your pitch? Read our Pitch Deck Guide (https://fi.co/pitch_deck) and download templates. --- This event is sponsored by the Founder Institute startup accelerator. Founder Institute provides a step-by-step program that gives startup founders the structure, mentor support, and network of entrepreneurs they need to start an enduring company. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 65 countries, the Founder Institute's mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and build sustainable startup ecosystems worldwide.

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