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This group is for people who have reached the realisation point that they need to and want to lose weight and as a next step want to know the best way to do it along with guidance and motivation and hand-holding during the journey to reach the goal

The focus will be on losing weight by eating the right food and not by consuming pills as food itself is medicine,

This group is to help people become regular in their fitness regimes in 6 to 8 months.

If you are interested in a life style change, you are welcome to join the group. When you know that the person advising you on nutrition is a Chartered Accountant you know you can never go wrong in the calorie counts. And when the advisor is also a marathoner for the past 15 years you definitely know that you have a real deal on your hands. If you want to bring a transformation and makeover (physical and mental) in your lives then this group is for you.

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