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NerdZão is a free study group started in São Paulo, Brasil. The group main focus is to promote networking and disseminate knowledge in software, platforms, technologies, and programming languages in a fun way, breaking the paradigm of complexity in learning.

About the Events

All events (Mini Courses and Lectures) are free and anyone can participate (regardless of technical level).

Did you have no vacancy? Do not worry, we always make reruns of events.

Want to Speak?

The group is free and any member can participate in Mini Courses or Lectures, if you are interested contact one of the group organizers informing when, title and content that you want to teach and we will schedule the event and make the disclosure in social networks.

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Nerdzão PT #5 - Aubay

Aubay Portugal

In this free face-to-face meetup, we will discuss everything about distributing and managing data! There will be 2 lectures covering why, how and what to use to have your data covered in a distributed world :D This meetup will happen at Aubay, located at Av. da Boavista 1180, Porto. 🚨 ****This event will have Portuguese talks only **** 🚨 Agenda: 18h00 - 18h20: Welcoming participants and Validate the Registering 18h20 - 18h30: Introduction 18h30 - 19h15: Monitoring and Alerts: From Prometheus to Cortex - Speaker: Pedro Vieira This talk will address the challenges of building and maintaining a monitoring and alert system in a micro-service environment, starting with Prometheus and ending with the recent Cortex. 19h15 - 19h30: Break to have a social networking 19h30 - 20h15: Applying Computer Vision OCR using Azure Functions Speaker: José Roberto Araújo With the computational power gain that we have today through cloud platforms, A.I is becoming increasingly present and usable on various types of computing platforms and systems. In this presentation, we will show how to apply optical text recognition (OCR) to an invoice using the Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API using Azure Functions (Serverless platform in Azure). 🚨 About Speakers: Pedro Vieira He has been working in systems administration for about 15 years. In recent years she has worked in the UK in start-ups and large organizations, seeking to implement DevOps practices that would accelerate software development and increase systems residency. He recently returned to Porto where he is a member of Aubay staff, working in the Platform and monitoring area of one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. José Roberto Araújo He is a software engineer with more than 18 years of experience, the developer who is passionate about technology, development, system architecture and solutions. He has worked on different kinds of projects in his entire career path. Furthermore, he has worked in different positions as a Solution Architect, Technical Leader, Senior Software Engineer and he usually applies DevOps practices through all the projects in which he has been worked on. One of the most valuable thing for him is to work in high-performance development teams and bring team members to think out of the box. It has interesting study areas that grab his attention such as Software & Solution Architecture, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, SOA & DDD and DevOps. 🚨 Q & A Session Have any doubts about this meetup or anything about tech? We can help each other! We always use the last 15 minutes after the talks to discuss any relevant topic! Nerdzao meetups are and always will be free for all!

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Nerdzão PT #4 - Lisbon on clouds


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