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Improving Web Performance with Resource Hints

Roam Innovative Workplace: Dunwoody

Our September meetup is on Tuesday the 24th, please join us for this great session #WebPerf! Improving Web Performance with Resource Hints Want to give a boost to your website performance? Have you tried using Resource Hints? With a potentially big reward for a relatively small amount of work, Resource Hints allow you to prioritize the load of critical assets, resulting in optimal performance and improved user experience. We’ll step through the simple implementation details along with the impacts on performance. Then we’ll look at ways to automate the steps for long-lasting benefits with minimum maintenance overhead. Darren L Martin Passionate Frontend Developer | Lover of all things Web | Life-Long Learner | Father | Husband _______________________________________________________________________________________ Want more web Perf? Why not attend CONNECT.TECH the best web dev conference in the USA, right here in your home town? We will have a full day hands-on workshop devoted to measuring Web Performance. https://connect.tech/session?id=4258 Don't miss this chance to be part of the largest multiplatform web development conference in the USA. 1400 participants can experience 10 tracks covering Angular, React, Vue. Node, Backend JS, JS Frameworks, Mobile frameworks, Design/UI/UX and more. We have talks by leaders in the web world such as Scott Hanselman, Kent C. Dodds, Cory House, and Minko Gechev as well as framework core team members, internationally acclaimed speakers, published authors and community experts. There are also 8 amazing full-day workshops: Sia Karamalegos - Get in the Fast Lane: Measuring Web Performance Dr. Venkat Subramaniam - Advanced Angular: Creating Maintainable Angular apps Guided by Tests Scott Davis - Unlock: Accessibility and Conversational UI Kent C. Dodds - React Hooks Ben Hong - Intro to Vue.js Divya SasidharanVue - State Management with Vuex Doug Starnes - Machine Learning and AI with JavaScript Amir Rustamzaadeh - End-to-End Testing Workshop with Cypress This will be the best event yet! See the full program and schedule here http://connect.tech Hurry! ticket sales for CONNECT.TECH will end in just 4 weeks on October 4

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Task processing, APIs, and Big Data and in JavaScript: actionhero.jsRoom

There's tons of options for doing data processing in other languages like Java and Python. With actionhero.js, you can use Nodejs's event loop model to create a scalable and cohesive API for processing and serving large amount of data. From the actionhero.js documentation, here's a quick synopsis of this great framework: "actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks. The goal of actionhero is to create an easy-to-use toolkit for making reusable & scalable APIs." In this session, we'll use actionhero.js to build some examples, with lots of code, to demonstrate the capabilities of this framework. We'll consume some data, do some task processing, then access the data via an API. We'll use Websockets along with standard HTTP to build a real-time, web-enabled, application.

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August meetup: "Testing in JS" and "Intro to Vue.js"

Roam Innovative Workplace: Dunwoody

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