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Tea & English Book Exchange! Part IX (Edição dos Livros e das Galerias)
Let's meet and exchange books, on The Arts District Gallery Day! Books & Art, Art & Books, one and the same. Make a whole day of it on Miguel Bombarda. :) My original city had an entire crossroads dedicated to sharing with each other (including books but also toys, clothes, and tea). It is a wonderful thing, so let's try to build it here too! The first few times so far that we have done this were each a great group of people (book peeps usually are) and as much or more about the social aspect as the books (still accumulating a library for us all), so let's keep it going and later add some other kinds of exchanges as we build this up. There are some great ideas out there. We'll meet at Quintal where we can indulge in tea, coffee, cake, or even a meal while we chatter about books, the books we are currently reading, our favorite books, how we get books here, and/or just life. Bring a book, or better yet, several to share with others and take a book (or two if we have enough) to read. The idea is to keep the books in circulation so bring them back when you finish. For now we'll concentrate on English language books as they are more difficult to find in Porto, but if you hope for books in other languages then put in a request in the comments. We have also had some French and Spanish. This event is scheduled for one hour but everyone is welcome to stay longer to relax, chat, get to know each other, or just to read. But since it is also Gallery Day on Miguel Bombarda, come make a day of it by getting two free events for the price of one. :)

Quintal Bioshop & Cafe

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And since being healthy is about more than food we will begin including other events to nourish the whole body including the mind.

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