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We are thrilled to announce the extension of our Portuguese user group to Microsoft Fabric, a powerful evolution in the realm of data analytics that reinforces our commitment to Power BI while introducing new capabilities and opportunities. With Microsoft Fabric, we can seamlessly leverage the power of Power BI alongside a host of advanced analytics features, enabling us to drive even greater value from our data.

While embracing Microsoft Fabric, we remain dedicated to the core principles that have made Power BI such a popular choice for business analytics. We will continue to leverage Power BI's intuitive data connectivity, robust data preparation and modeling capabilities, and the ability to create powerful dashboards. Microsoft Fabric enhances this foundation by expanding our data connectivity options, enabling us to access a broader range of data sources and empowering us to unlock deeper insights.

Join us as we embark on this exciting transition, where the power of Power BI is elevated to new heights with Microsoft Fabric, driving innovation and unlocking the full potential of our data.

We meet monthly with a mix of online and on-site events. Please come along - you will be sure of a warm welcome from the organizers and the community.

Looking forward to exploring the world of data with everybody!

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