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The Western Mass Development Technology Users Group brings together people interested in Development technologies. We are Microsoft and Open Source programmers, Sharepoint gurus, Mobile developers, IT staffers, enterprise database programmers, entrepreneurs, rookies, professionals and novices.

We come together to learn, meet people, ask questions and create solutions. Our meetings always feature a speaker, interesting conversation, swag giveaways, free pizza and plenty of time to network and socialize. We regularly have between 20 - 35 members who come to our meetings with a wide range of interests and abilities. We try to have at least one meeting a month. We host meetings on various topics around the third Thursday of each month from 6:00pm - 8pm. Actual times can be found on our main Meetup information page.

Meetings are primarily held at Financial Partners Inc, 67 Hunt Street, Agawam, MA. Click here for a map. (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Financial+Partners+Inc/@42.0821036,-72.5930513,17z/data=!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x89e6e6bddde43e01:0xfc8b77ed3ceeaa4b!2sFinancial+Partners+Inc!3m1!1s0x0:0xfc8b77ed3ceeaa4b) If you are interested in this group please register! Registration for these events helps us plan the appropriate amount of pizza and signs you up for meeting announcements. We are always interested in new people and new ideas of any skill level.

If you have questions prior to joining our group, please email the user group leader.

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What is Data Engineering?

Financial Partners Inc

Topic: Data Engineering with open source technologies Presented by: Aleks Livshits Synopsis: We’ll cover “What is Data Engineering” as a discipline plus and practice doing Data Engineering with open source tools (mostly Apache Spark) About the Speaker: • Decades of diverse experience in IT. • Worked in various roles from developer to platform and enterprise architect in IT departments of large companies like Aetna, Cigna and GE as well as small software companies. • Extensive experience designing and implementing , distributed, service oriented applications, web and mobile apps, knowledge based, expert systems, RDBMS and noSQL DBs. Worked with Oracle on XML capabilities in Oracle RDBMS and did joint presentation about this at Oracle World • Current Focus: cloud (Azure based) solutions for microservices and Data Analytics. Hands-on coding in nodeJS and python • Side projects: web app coding in VueJS

Best Design practices (in MVC, C#)
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I would love to attend a meeting where people talk about problems (OO architecture) they have faced and solutions they found.

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