O que fazemos

DevOps Aveiro is a community for everyone interested in improving software delivery and building connections between development and operations. We like to discuss all DevOps related topics from the cultural perspective, such as communication and collaboration, and from the technical perspective, such as source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery. We're an open group interested in discussing topics related to applications, databases, infrastructure and human factors. So join us and share your thoughts!

After the first attempt to start the group in 2020 (right before the pandemic) we're trying to bring it back and hope you will join us for some great after-work events full of learning opportunities.

Eventos realizados (3)

DevOps Aveiro S2023 E02 - "Data platforms" with DSPT, hosted by Bosch

Vulcano - Bosch Thermotechnology, S.A.

DevOps Aveiro S2023 E01- "Baking in Reliability", hosted by PCI

PCI · Creative Science Park – Aveiro Region

DevOpsAveiro S2022E01 -

Altice Labs