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Hello newbie coder, aspiring or even programmer!

We are the freeCodeCamp Lisbon, an open-source community that is part of the worldwide community: the freecodecamp

We are a group from Lisbon/Portugal where we want you to learn with us in a free way! That's right, you read well, it's completely free!

You start with HTML / CSS / JS, then delve into javascript themes, use libraries and then even frameworks! But calm the horses, it isn't easy to do it! It takes a lot of resilience, willpower and never giving up! And for that, you have the help of the community with many newbies, many mentors who can always help you!

We've already got a lot of people finding their first job as developers!

Every Saturday we hold events! That's right, because we really enjoy learning, and sharing experiences / knowledge!

It's never too late to learn, and that's our motto! So come and meet us!


Eventos realizados (38)

FreeCodeCamp Lisbon 88th Meetup - RegexWorkshop&&Coffe

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FreeCodeCamp Lisbon 87th Weekly Meetup - WORKSHOPTIME!

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FreeCodeCamp Lisbon 86th Weekly Meetup - WORKSHOPTIME!

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FreeCodeCamp Lisbon 85th Weekly Meetup - HACKATHON&&Birthday

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