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O que fazemos

This is a hands-on meetup for all data enthusiasts around Lisbon who want to improve and share their knowledge in Data Science. To achieve this let’s solve Kaggle challenges!

• Who are we:
We are a group of people who are passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning and participate in Kaggle challenges to enhance our skills in these fields. Please join us in our dedicated slack channel: http://b.link/slack_lxkaggle

• What is Kaggle:
Kaggle is a platform that provides data science challenges taken from real-life use cases: https://www.kaggle.com/ . It’s a great opportunity not only to put data science in practice but also to learn from a huge community of people working on the same problems.

• Purpose of the meetup:
The goal of this non-profit meetup is to bring the data science community together into a study-room where we can work in groups, do some brainstorming and share each one’s achievements.

Note: Lisbon Kaggle Meetup is not officially connected to Kaggle

Eventos realizados (12)

12th Lisbon Kaggle Meetup @ IST

Pavllhão de Civil

11th Lisbon Kaggle Meetup @ Feedzai

R. Camilo Castelo Branco 44

10th Lx Kaggle Meetup @ Landing Festival

Lisbon Congress Centre

9th Lx Kaggle Meetup @ IST

Instituto Superior Técnico